GEICO has IT all – and then some – for summer interns

By on August 15, 2014 at 3:37 PM

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Every year, GEICO offers internships to college students interested in gaining some real-world experience in the fields they’re studying during the school year. And each year, the summer Interns from Virginia Beach and Fredericksburg travel to the corporate headquarters and meet with members of GEICO’s senior staff. 

I spoke with Jake and Ross, two of our summer interns, about their experiences at GEICO and at the Intern Summit.

InternRossWhat did you like most about the Intern Summit?

Ross: I was particularly excited to visit the corporate headquarters. The Fredericksburg interns received a warm and friendly welcome at the headquarters, and we got to interact with interns from other regional offices. The real excitement was our exposure to senior management, from various departments. It is unbelievable that I have only been part of the GEICO family for six weeks and I am seated at the same table as our COO and CIO. 

Who was your favorite speaker at the Summit?                           

Ross: CIO Greg Kalinsky. I liked the approach Mr. Kalinsky chose to take for his speech, taking the role of an advice-giver. I was prepared for a technology/innovation oriented speech, but was delighted to hear Greg talking more about the unique point we are in our lives as college students who are ready to venture out and find a career.

InternJakeWhy did you choose the GEICO internship?

Jake: I chose GEICO because I saw it as a great chance to experience the real world.  I knew GEICO as being the car insurance company with the funny commercials, but I had no idea how important they saw IT. In doing my research beforehand, I found that GEICO is one of the largest IT employer in the D.C. area, and so after that I had pretty much made my decision. And now, looking back, I am 100 percent confident that I made the right decision!

Ross: I ultimately chose GEICO based on the opportunities they offer. While I was searching for an internship the most important thing to me was a company that would provide a gateway to employment opportunities. GEICO’s internship offers a great learning experience and has opened up several career paths for me to choose from.

Would you recommend GEICO’s internship to other students?

Ross: Yes. Without a doubt I will be very vocal in endorsing GEICO’s internship program when I return to campus in the fall. I will be sharing with my classmates my positive experience with hopes they too apply for this opportunity. GEICO is the fastest-growing insurance company and I hope to contribute to the growth by spreading the word and attracting highly qualified individuals to the company.

Jake: Absolutely! I gained some very important experience in IT and I got confirmation that I was heading into the right field.

If you were on campus and someone asked about your experience at GEICO, what would you say to them?

Jake: GEICO has been great to me!

Ross: Do it! I really want to reflect my positive experience here at GEICO with my friends.  I would want them to look into the program and truly consider what GEICO can offer them. The career growth opportunities plus the company culture here at GEICO are unmatched and I would be thrilled to see more fellow alumni joining the GEICO family.