IT@GEICO: ‘Challenging, ambitious and innovative’

By on April 18, 2014 at 8:09 AM

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Welcome back to the IT @ GEICO series. Today, I want to introduce you to one of our information technology associates who is leading projects that assist millions of customers. Let’s meet Catherine—an International Studies major turned IT pro—who describes her work as “challenging, ambitious and innovative.”

GEICO IT associateCatherine L., lead programmer analyst

GEICO associate since 1997, U. of Vermont alumna

What do you do at GEICO?

I lead a team of developers, architects and analysts as we implement new enhancements and maintain existing features of GEICO’s service application, which is used by our customer service representatives and customers.

What’s the most innovative project you’ve worked on?

It would be Single Sign-On for our customers which we implemented late last year. Our customers now have a single account with one set of log-in credentials for all of their GEICO-affiliated policies. This moves our company in the direction of client-level interactions, rather than policy-centric interaction.

What type of technologies do you use?

I started my career as a mainframe developer using COBOL, CICS and JCL. I then moved to coding in SmallTalk and using object-oriented principles. As a developer in the Internet Business Unit, I used Java and Blaze. Now as a lead, I’ve been exposed to jBPM, web services, JSF, XForms, Splunk and Wily.

How have you made a difference here?

In addition to the project work, I’ve done a lot of mentoring and coaching my peers, as well as direct and indirect reports. It’s very gratifying when I can help others understand technology and achieve more.

If you could tell someone one thing about GEICO, what would it be?

GEICO values its employees. There are many opportunities and classes that allow people to drive their own careers. I began as an entry-level programmer on the mainframe and moved to working with object-oriented technologies, and moved up from senior programmer to lead.

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