IT @ GEICO: Driving to be the best in the industry

By on April 8, 2014 at 8:20 AM

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EDistlerWelcome back to the IT @ GEICO series. Today, we’ll meet Eric, a Hoosier who first joined the team after graduating with a degree in Informatics. He began his career in the IT track of our Emerging Leaders Program and today is leading new development efforts for the claims website.

Eric D., lead application systems analyst
GEICO associate since 2006, Indiana University alum

Some people might not consider GEICO a tech company. What would you say to them?

GEICO was founded on the idea of utilizing a direct channel to sell and service insurance. The Internet is an extremely effective way for our customers to reach us 24/7. Every week, nearly 800,000 people get an online quote and 200,000 customers visit our claims website. Every day, it seems, we find new ways to provide better service using technology!

What programming languages/technologies do you use?

.NET and Java, and we are looking for more people with these skills to join our teams.

What is the “coolest” project that you have worked on?

My very first project was the digital upload project. Before the implementation, customers had to mail or fax photos and documents to GEICO in order for them to be attached to their claim file.

This project allowed customers to sign on to and upload accident photos and electronic documents, and in turn they were placed directly on the claim file and available for a claims representative to review. While a relatively mainstream concept today, GEICO was one of the first insurance companies to offer this functionality back in 2006.

What do you like most about your job?

Each day offers a new challenge … what makes it rewarding are the people who work here and the projects that drive us to be the best company in the industry.

What is your favorite GEICO moment?

My favorite GEICO moment was when Warren Buffett made a surprise appearance, shortly after he announced a large donation to charity. I will always remember what he said when asked why he chose to donate his money to charity. “This money always belonged to the people, I have just been very good at managing it for them, and now after all these years, I’m giving it back to the people.”

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