Use hoops fervor to improve your financial plan

By on April 3, 2014 at 11:17 AM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications

Basketball above basket.Considering the upsets in this year’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament, there’s a good chance your bracket isn’t going to win you a billion dollars, or any amount close to that. But don’t let those upsets ruin your financial plan.

The kind of analysis that helped you determine which team will win this year’s tournament can also be used to get your financial house in order. According to Chuck Thoele, a Dallas-based financial planner and author of Bulls, Bears and Basketball, simply apply your knowledge of the game to help recognize the winners and losers in your financial portfolio.

In the April edition of GEICO Now online, we take a closer look at Thoele’s advice and offer up some great sports analogies that relate to sound investment strategies. It’s a unique twist to financial planning we think you’ll enjoy.