My day amongst Geckos

By on March 10, 2014 at 11:02 AM

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By Samantha Motowski, guest blogger, University of Arizona student

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day at the GEICO office in Tucson, Ariz., as part of the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management winter externship program. Excited to learn more about the company whose lovable characters always brighten a commercial break, I approached the sizable office armed with questions.

Home of the Gecko: a first impression

Where I expected bland cubicles devoid of color and design, the décor of the GEICO office reflected the company’s values. Lighthearted posters and other decorations suggested friendly team competition, while both creative awards and formal certificates demonstrated the company’s belief in recognizing excellence.

Customer service and sales

Donning a headset like those worn by many employees, I spent a large part of the day on the “front lines” silently listening in on real calls. In the service department, I witnessed the wide variety of questions and concerns that can arise from the other end of the line. Impressively, the customer service representatives met every unique inquiry with efficient and compassionate assistance.  The sales department was lively, and I got the chance to hear an associate close a sale from start to finish.

Climbing the claims ladder

After a brief lunch break, I had the opportunity to learn from employees across multiple levels of the claims department. From fender-benders to conversations with lawyers, I experienced the many challenges faced by claims representatives daily in their varying degrees of severity.

REVO with Rachel

While the level of training and feedback offered by GEICO was self-evident in the associates’ confident and quick performance, Rachel in “REVO” showed me the care that GEICO takes to ensure its employees are successful as she observed her team, prepared feedback and coached leads, in addition to taking complex supervisor calls herself.

The takeaway

After a day packed with friendly faces and informative conversations, I left GEICO with a fresh perspective of what it means to work in insurance, along with a renewed appreciation for the company that offers so much more than an excellent discount on auto insurance.

A note from GEICO Careers:

Thank you, Samantha, for spending a day with us in Tucson and taking the time to write about your experience! GEICO is committed to working with colleges and universities across the country, and offers paid summer internships, Achievement Awards and post-graduate opportunities within our Leadership Programs, Sales, Customer Service, Claims, IT and more.