New year, new career: Keep your resolution!

By on January 23, 2014 at 12:38 PM

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By Joel Jones, director of recruiting, guest GEICO Careers blogger

Not long after New Year’s Day, I was in the locker room and overheard two fellow gym rats discussing how crowded the gym gets with all of the New Year’s “resolutioners.”  It reminded me of a quote I once read, “A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the next.”  I couldn’t help thinking how unproductive that attitude is.

Sure, a lot of people – most, maybe – have a hard time keeping their resolutions, but how many of them would be more likely to follow through with just a little bit of encouragement? I got to thinking, what about those people who’ve made “finding a new job in 2014” their resolution? Failing to follow through may not be an option.

If that’s you, I’m here to offer some encouragement: YOU CAN DO IT! And GEICO may be able to help.

Maybe you’ve been out of the workforce for some time or haven’t found that perfect fit. Maybe you already have a job and, for whatever reason, you’re looking for a change. Perhaps you’re a recent (or not so recent) college graduate looking for that first real job.

Here’s some good news. In 2014, GEICO will hire more than 5,000 new associates in 15 locations across the country, and most of our new hires will join the “GEICO family” in sales, customer service, claims and auto damage.

But wait – GEICO isn’t just insurance jobs. 

In our Washington, D.C., area corporate office, we also have many opportunities for IT professionals, legal staff, actuaries and business analysts. Occasionally, we even hire financial analysts, communications and marketing professionals, and accountants.

Throughout 2014, our recruiters plan to visit hundreds of college campuses looking for bright, motivated seniors and alumni to join our leadership programs and paid internships. This year, we’ll hire more than 300 associates into these full-time, fast-track programs and develop them into the next generation of GEICO’s business and IT leaders.

Our CEO, Tony Nicely, has said on a number of occasions, “It’s a GREAT time to work at GEICO.” He’s right! So if you’re someone who’s made a “New Year, New Career” resolution, don’t be like the estimated 92 percent of people who fail to follow through. Let us help make this the year that you find your new career.

Who knew that an insurance company had so many different career paths? Visit to learn more about opportunities at GEICO.