Memory of the Month: Giving thanks

By on November 27, 2013 at 3:31 PM

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GIving ThanksKids, you won’t believe this, but once upon a time, televisions did not have flat screens, and if you wanted to change the channel, you had to get up and walk to the TV to do it. The only time the words “high definition” went together was when you were looking up the word “high” in the dictionary. Which was a book, not the Webster’s website, because the Internet didn’t … oh, never mind.

Back in those days, a fellow like the one in this photo, who was a contest winner, would be quite pleased and thankful to receive a fine appliance like this – even if the chap behind him appears to be unimpressed. And seeing as how it’s late November, I’m in a thankful frame of mind myself, and I thought I’d share some of the things for which I and my fellow blog authors are thankful.

For example, I’m thankful to work for a company that takes time out now and then to celebrate the achievements of its employees – or birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, etc. It’s nice to have some playtime in the workday once in a while!

Here’s what some of our other authors had to say:

“Ten years ago, I met my husband at GEICO. Today, we have two beautiful girls. I am extremely thankful for that momentous day, each and every day.” – Shannon Smedstad

“Like a lot of people, I’m thankful for my family, friends and health. Most of all, I’m thankful for all of the traditions that we’ve been able to keep going through the years. From gathering at the same place to eating the same homemade food while watching a full day of football, it’s my favorite time of year. This year, I can even be thankful that the Steelers will be playing on Thanksgiving! Sadly, I’m not thankful for the Steelers’ record this season.” – Nathan Erb

“I am thankful for my family, new baby niece and having such a great job. I am grateful this year for my easy transition to GEICO’s corporate office and the opportunity to work with such wonderful associates.” – Hope Buehler