Math degree + insurance industry = job opportunities

By on November 20, 2013 at 10:59 AM

Posted in: Working at GEICO

GEICO Math Careers IconWondering how to use your love of numbers after graduation? Curious about what career opportunities there are for math majors? If you haven’t thought about a career in insurance, maybe you should.

Insurance is a complex industry overflowing with all sorts of numbers:  loss frequency and severity, underwriting ratios, expense ratios, costs, profits, losses, rates and the list goes on. All these numbers need to be analyzed, organized and properly assessed, which is exactly why math majors can do well in the insurance industry.


Often times, math majors will consider a career as an actuary. At GEICO, we frequently hire math majors as Actuarial Assistants in our pricing department to help our company determine how we set insurance rates. Actuaries also work in our reserving department and help us determine how much money to keep in the GEICO “piggy bank” to pay out future claims.

One key to an actuary’s career success is passing a series of exams. For actuaries working in property and casualty insurance, like GEICO, the exams are through the Casualty Actuarial Society. We will help support you throughout the exam process by offering paid study hours, financial support and even first-time passing bonuses!

Many insurance companies will also hire math majors to work as analysts within a variety of departments. GEICO hires motivated college graduates with a mind for math, finance and economics as analysts in underwriting, product management and other key areas.

Big data, little data – in insurance, there’s a mountain of data to keep math majors engaged and challenged. If you’re thinking about careers in math, then we want you to think about working in insurance. Better yet, think GEICO.


We’re hiring math majors for entry level actuary and analyst careers in our Washington, D.C., area corporate headquarters. Math majors can also get on the fast-track to management by joining one of GEICO’s leadership programs, offered in major office locations across the country. Apply today by completing GEICO’s online job application and uploading your resume.