Hey, students! GEICO wants you to create the next ‘Don’t Drive Distracted’ music video and T-shirt

By on November 1, 2013 at 2:22 PM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications

Distracted driving contestGEICO’s annual safety contest is now underway! This year, we’re challenging students to use their creative skills to help spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving through two new contests – music video and T-shirt design.

High school students (grades 9-12) are eligible to create their own “Don’t Drive Distracted” music video using one of GEICO’s soundtracks and adding their own original lyrics. The GEICO music tracks can be downloaded from the GEICO Music Video Contest website, where you’ll also find contest rules and submission instructions.

All students (grades 1-12) can submit a T-shirt design that depicts how to prevent distracted driving. The design can be hand-drawn or computer-generated. You’ll find contest rules and submission instructions on the GEICO T-shirt Design Contest website.

Judges will select one national music video winner who will earn a $1,500 cash prize and one national T-shirt design winner who will receive a $500 cash prize. Additional cash prizes will also be awarded to finalists.

And remember, distracted driving not only involves texting, but also include talking on the phone, eating, grooming, and adjusting the radio or GPS navigation system while driving. Contestants can use any form of distraction to convey the message that it’s dangerous.

Do you or your teen, niece or nephew have what it takes to be the grand-prize winner? Deadline for submissions is Jan. 24, 2014. For more information about guidelines, rules and submission, please visit www.geicosafetycontest.com.