Top do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for 2013

By on October 24, 2013 at 9:21 AM

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Halloween geckoDon’t feel like picking up a pre-designed costume with a cheap plastic mask at the store this Halloween? Make your alter-ego a piece of pop culture with one of these do-it-yourself ideas. Then, share your ideas in the comments.

Daft Punk – Easiest to pull off with a friend, grab a helmet and suit and go as the French electronic duo that you’ve been hearing all summer.

Breaking Bad – With the series recently coming to an end, Breaking Bad characters are sure to be popular. Try this look to transform into Heisenberg.

Grumpy Cat – If you’re a fan of Internet memes, dress up as one of 2013’s most adored cats (even if the feeling isn’t mutual).

Ron Burgundy – With Anchorman 2 just a few months away, a suit and a mustache will turn you into Will Ferrell’s character.

GEICO characters – This is the GEICO Blog, after all. The Gecko is an obvious choice, but you can be even more creative and try Maxwell the Pig or the “Hump Day” camel.

Once you’ve got the costume put together, keep these safety tips in mind as you head out this Halloween:

  • Don’t let your kids go Trick-or-Treating without a guardian nearby, and stick to well-lit areas.
  • When Trick-or-Treating with your kids, bring a flashlight with you and make sure everyone wears reflective clothing so that you’ll be easily spotted by drivers.
  • Tell your kids to only eat candy that’s wrapped and unopened.
  • Never let your kids enter a stranger’s home (and make sure you follow this rule as well).
  • Holidays like these inevitably mean that people will drinking and driving. Don’t be one of them; take a taxi if needed.

What costume ideas do you have? Share them in the comments!