Voice of the interns: a summer in GEICO’s Tucson office

By on August 16, 2013 at 3:37 PM

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By the Tucson interns

Our internship experience working in GEICO’s regional headquarters in Tucson, Ariz., is one we will not soon forget. In the beginning, we were seven individual students, but after the first week we became a much closer team. Through the eight-week internship process, we developed skills and knowledge at GEICO that will help guide us through the rest of our professional lives.

When we first applied to GEICO, we had no idea what was in store for us. We knew that we would be working in and learning about insurance, but we didn’t quite know what that meant. We were all business majors, but came from different backgrounds and had different goals and ambitions in life.

Adam is majoring in computer information systems at Arizona State University; he loves programming, and is taking an online computer science class through Harvard University. Gabby, who is a management major in the honors college at the University of Arizona (UA), is a resident assistant and a member of Delta Sigma Pi professional fraternity. Grant, a finance major at Indiana University, loves playing tennis and teaching kids how to cook at the Boys and Girls Club. Lizzy, who’s pursuing a double major in management information systems and operations management, is a Bikram yoga fiend and enjoys eating really healthy food. Shawn, another UA management major, referees three different sports and is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Jenny, a UA marketing major, is the philanthropy chair of Alpha Phi. Kinlee, a UA management major, loves to paint and teaches Sunday school with her fiancé.

Some of us were looking for summer jobs, others needed money to pay the bills, some sought experience in the business world, and others were looking to gain a full-time opportunity after college. GEICO filled all these requirements, and gave us so much more.

We enjoyed the projects the most, because they gave us more opportunities to collaborate. These projects really helped the GEICO internship stand apart from others, in that we were able to not only speak with associates and management in customer service, sales and claims about the challenges they face, but help develop solutions that they can actually apply in their jobs. Our favorite projects included designing a training course to teach supervisors how to help associates develop a growth mindset, planning a spirit week fundraiser for United Way (we managed to raise just over $600), and discovering ways to improve sales agents’ interactions with new customers (such as going over in-depth coverage counseling). We presented these findings to the sales manager, who is going to apply them with her sales teams.

Through these projects, we gained a variety of skills and experience: data analysis, creative problem-solving, and presentation skills. The event marketing project gave us an opportunity to interact with outside businesses on behalf of GEICO, while teaching us the important factors to consider when planning marketing events. We had to research different venues or events where GEICO’s marketing team has yet to sponsor and these events had certain requirements that had to be met in order for the marketing team to attend.

The experiences we had affected us all greatly, but in different ways. Kinlee, for example, is applying to GEICO’s management development program and returning in the fall for an extended internship with the hiring and college recruiting team. As our internships come to a close, we are all a little heavy-hearted as we face the reality of returning to our respective universities, but we all return to college better prepared for whatever comes our way because of our experiences here.

GEICO will be on campus this fall at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University! We’re recruiting seniors for our fast-track management development programs (business operations and information technology tracks) and liability claims careers. Students and grads are also encouraged to connect with Melissa, GEICO’s college recruiter in Tucson, Ariz.