Fumich and Nelson run from D.C. to Boston to aid bombing victims

By on June 21, 2013 at 9:28 AM

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By guest blogger Chris Tasher

Earlier this month, two Americans ran and ran and ran and ran … day and night … until 450 miles and five long days were behind them.

They were on a mission to raise funds for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and to raise spirits. Americans, they knew, stick together in the very worst of times and they wanted to demonstrate that. So with U.S. flags in hand, Frank Fumich of Arlington, Va. and Matt Nelson of West Palm Beach, Fla., both ultra-marathoners, took off from the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial on May 28 in Arlington, Va., and pointed their feet north to Boston.

They knew the road ahead would be painful, and they asked the public for support. They got it – did they ever! Along their route, local residents turned out enthusiastically, police cleared a path and provided an escort for them, TV stations covered their local stops and fellow runners flew across the country and ran segments with them.  

GEICO sent the Gecko along to cheer them on and GEICO associates set up checkpoints in several locations. In Boston, GEICO presented them with a check to add to their overall total.

Fumich and Nelson set a goal to raise $78,600, and when they crossed the finish line in Boston they had run it up to over $83,000 – marathon runners with big goals and bigger hearts.