GEICO introduces Garden Gnome Insurance: protection for your gnome, sweet gnome

By on April 1, 2013 at 7:04 AM

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Garden gnomesYou’d be surprised how many weird insurance policies there are. Alien abduction insurance, for example, is real. GEICO doesn’t offer it, however, because we’ve been focusing our research on a much more practical product: Garden Gnome Insurance.

You might not think you need Garden Gnome Insurance. But, I’m sure the first victim of a garden gnome theft thought the same thing, until it was too late. You see, there are criminals known as “garden gnome liberationists,” and the “traveling gnome prank” has been made popular in movies and video games. They call it “freedom”… we call it an “insurance claim.”

But fear not, gnome-owner! For as little as 41 cents a day, our garden gnome insurance protects up to 10 of your small, decorative, ceramic, bearded characters from theft or pranks. Depending on the policy you choose, you’ll receive:

  • 24-hour claim service if one of your gnomes is toppled as a result of severe weather or collision with an animal. Our claims representatives will actually come set it back up straight for you.
  • Replacement cost if your gnome is stolen or irreparably damaged – up to around $41 dollars, probably.

Get a quote for Garden Gnome Insurance (also known as lawn gnome insurance) today!

Disclaimer: GEICO does not offer garden gnome insurance, obviously. Mostly because it would be ridiculous, and also because it’s April Fool’s Day. But we do have 18 other, very real insurance products on  Happy April 1!