Meet our team: What it’s like working in claims

By on March 8, 2013 at 4:25 PM

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As part of our newest blog series, we’ll introduce you to some of our associates to learn first-hand about what it’s like working in various GEICO departments. Our first post in this series is all about working in our claims department, where you’ll meet Michael and Bonnie.

Michael D., liability claims in Marlton, N.J.
GEICO associate since 2007

Prior to beginning his career in claims, Michael graduated from Rutgers University with a business degree in finance. Today, he’s in our supervisor preparation program, and is responsible for mentoring and coaching other claims associates, analyzing claims data to make strategic business decisions, and auditing complex claims and personal injury cases.

What do you like most about your job? I enjoy interacting with our customers and assisting them in their time of need. A car accident can be stressful … I want to show them that we are here to help in any way possible.

What do you want people to know about GEICO? GEICO is not only the fastest-growing major auto insurer; it’s also a company that provides many different job opportunities across the country.

What is your favorite GEICO moment? I was a part of a new claims system rollout and traveled to our Macon, Ga., location to assist. It was a great experience!

What is your favorite GEICO commercial? My favorite commercial is definitely the “Easier way to save” one with the pet possum.

Bonnie B., liability claims in Virginia Beach, Va.
GEICO associate since 2011

What does a recreation and leisure studies grad do after college? Why, work at GEICO, of course! Bonnie launched her career with us soon after graduation, and has been learning new skills, assisting customers and getting involved ever since.

What are your main responsibilities as a telephone claim representative? I handle first-party injury claims when our insureds are hurt. This requires me to investigate car accidents, specifically those in which there is a liability dispute (meaning it’s not immediately clear who was at fault). It’s my job to gather all the facts and come to a final decision based upon the evidence obtained.

What do you like most about your job? Every day, my job provides me with the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and situations. Each accident is unique and rarely occurs the same way. I play a vital role in uncovering fraudulent claims and do my best to protect the company against fraud.

I also get the chance to work with our insureds – who were badly injured in accidents – and follow them through the recovery process until they are well again. Throughout the recovery process, I build relationships and feel great joy, as they do, once their treatments are complete.

How are you involved within your office? I am on the Virginia Beach marketing team, and help spread the word about GEICO to current and potential policyholders, and anyone else within the community that we can reach out to. I am also on the Distracted Driver Committee. Our latest campaign involves reaching out to local high schools and encouraging students to pledge to stop using their cellphones while driving.

What is your favorite GEICO moment? My favorite moment occurs on a near daily basis, when I see the involvement of the company in the community. GEICO is involved in many major sporting events, charity events, organizations, etc. Every time I see that involvement, I feel a great sense of pride in my company.

Working in claims requires the tenacity to investigate complex situations, the ability to build trust and relationships, and the skill to efficiently resolve and manage simultaneous cases. You can learn more about careers in insurance claims by visiting our career site and watching our associate video.