Love is in the air at GEICO

By on February 12, 2013 at 2:25 PM

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There’s a long history of love and marriage at GEICO. It goes way back to our earliest days; our founder, Leo Goodwin, and his wife Lillian worked side-by-side to get GEICO up and running. Today, more than 75 years later, Cupid’s arrow continues to strike, as some associates are finding more than just careers here.

Ivy Jason and the GeckoIvy & Jason, married in 2012

These newlyweds were working in different GEICO locations when they met in 2010. Ivy, who was an analyst in our Washington, D.C., corporate headquarters, was visiting our Fredericksburg, Va., regional office when she met Jason. “We loved ‘talking shop’ and bouncing ideas off each other,” said Ivy. Their first date was a Washington Wizards basketball game with some other associates, and the rest is history!

Cheryl & Todd, married in 1998

Nearly 20 years ago, Todd did not make the greatest first impression on Cheryl during an actuarial training session. She thought he was a bit of a “know-it-all,” but soon after, they became friends and occasionally played a little tennis. Four years later, he finally won her over and they married. “It is great seeing each other at work every day, albeit briefly,” says Todd. “And, it’s also nice having someone who understands completely when you describe how things are going at work. “

Joanne & Al, married in 2010

Five years ago, Joanne met Al briefly during one of GEICO’s annual golf outings. Then, while she was transitioning from our supervisor leadership program to her new role as a college recruiter, her laptop needed fixing. Systems technician Al was just the man for the job. Today, the couple is happily married, living in Virginia with their beautiful daughter … and are expecting their second child later this year!

When you spend eight or more hours a day, five days a week at work, it’s important to be with people you respect, support and care about. While we can’t guarantee you’ll find everlasting love inside our office walls, we know it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.
So from all of us at GEICO … Happy Valentine’s Day!