Are you ready to enter The Gauntlet?

By on December 19, 2012 at 2:33 PM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications, On the Web

You may be familiar with GEICO saving people money on their car insurance, but how about saving people from reality-show elimination? That’s the reality (pun intended) contestants are faced with as they compete in The Gauntlet, a new Web series powered by GEICO. In partnership with Roosterteeth and Blip Studios, The Gauntlet takes a lighthearted approach to reality competition shows and wraps it around your favorite video games.

How does GEICO fit into all of this? As contestants come up for elimination, they have a chance to save themselves by winning in the GEICO Gauntlet, an intense final competition where the winner lives to fight another day and the losers go home. In addition, viewers can watch GEICO bonus clips during each episode that provide extra insight into the competition and the contestants.

The 10-episode series is well underway, so be sure to catch up and root for your favorite contestant. You can find all of the episodes at, and feel free to join the discussion with @GEICO on Twitter using #TheGauntlet, or in the comments below.