GEICO customer service brings delight to the masses

By on November 30, 2012 at 2:39 PM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications

Every day, GEICO associates all across the country are charged with a delightful duty: providing excellent customer service. In fact, delighting customers is a big deal for the company – so much so that we’re not happy just delighting the customers we talk to on the phone.

Now, you can experience the delight of GEICO’s customer service all over the Web.  Have just 10 seconds free in your day? Get a quick bite of delight with a “10 Seconds of Delight” video featuring Jim from GEICO customer service and some adorable guest stars. Want to dig deeper into delight? Check out a little magic trick from Jim, who can make the delight of GEICO customer service appear right at his fingertips.

There’s so much delight to come that we can’t possibly fit it all in one blog post. Keep an eye on the GEICO YouTube channel and Facebook page to ensure that you don’t miss your daily dose.