Memory of the Month: Giving what we can

By on November 28, 2012 at 11:14 AM

Posted in: Odds & Ends

Each month, we share an image from GEICO’s past and invite you to exercise your caption-writing skills.

GEICO has always been about service to the customer, first and foremost. When it comes to delivering on the promise we make when policyholders purchase our products, we give them our best.

But giving is a big part of associates’ lives in other ways, too. As this photo suggests, we’ve had a long relationship with the United Way, which used to be known as the United Givers Fund. In fact, we recently concluded our annual companywide United Way campaign for this year, and delivered a big check (you know those “big checks” that people are always posing with – we do that, too) to a United Way representative. We also do more localized fundraising; associates (that’s what we call our employees) in each of our regional facilities have their own favorite causes that they support.

This is the right time of year to be thinking about giving. Not only is the word part of “Thanksgiving,” but we’re also coming up on the prime gift-giving season – also a wonderful time to do good for the less fortunate, which the folks in this photo appear to be contemplating.

Aside from gifts for friends and family, will you be giving to other worthy causes this winter? Tell us about it in the comments.