Memory of the Month: Clowning around

By on June 26, 2012 at 3:54 PM

Posted in: Odds & Ends

Each month, we share an image from GEICO’s past and invite you to exercise your caption-writing skills.

In honor of Washington Nationals rookie phenom Bryce Harper, here is this month’s blast from GEICO’s past. Harper, who’s only 19, recently offered this response when a reporter asked him to name his favorite beer: “That’s a clown question, bro.”

I’m a big Harper fan, so I thought the time was right to publish this photo, which I have to assume was shot on Halloween – an event that some of our associates take VERY seriously. We do have a few clowns working at GEICO, like any other company does, but most days it’s not this easy to spot them.

So, with a nod to Harper, I have a few clown questions of my own about this photo. What should these clowns’ names be? Why do the women in the background seem so oblivious to the presence of clowns in their midst? What else about this picture suggests baseball?

If you have an answer to any or all of these questions, please share it in the comments.