Savings never tasted so good

By on April 4, 2012 at 2:33 PM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications

“Is this your first car insurance taste test?” asks the host of what is indeed the world’s first car insurance taste test, the newest series of GEICO commercials. The spots pit the sweet taste of GEICO’s savings and service against the harsh tang of its competitors, the latter generating a variety of surprising reactions. The hope is that you, too, can avoid bad car insurance face.

While the host’s relaxed demeanor brings about its own subtle comedy, the real stars here are the unwitting participants, who were served a variety of unpleasant (but safe) drinks to bring about the desired responses. In fact, the production team had to seek out new concoctions partway through shooting to make sure the gross-out moments were strong enough.

You can see all five taste tests right now on GEICO’s YouTube page. Which one is your favorite?