GEICO: 75 years young today!

By on September 9, 2011 at 8:43 AM

Posted in: Marketing & Communications

Strike up the band and let’s get this party started! It’s GEICO’s birthday today! Yes, the company Leo Goodwin had the nerve to launch during the Great Depression is now 75 years young.

I say young because, unlike some septuagenarians, GEICO still acts like a brash upstart in many ways. Our ads amuse some and befuddle others, but we’ve unquestionably shaken up the insurance marketing world. Since we broke the “comedy barrier” in insurance advertising, you’ve surely noticed that many of our competitors also now take a more light-hearted approach in their ads.

And while some 75-year-olds may be leery of change, we’re certainly not set in our ways. GEICO pioneered 24-hour service and telephone claims adjusting decades ago, and these days we’re the industry leader when it comes to mobile devices – just check out all the apps we offer at

I invite you to check out our 75th anniversary video or the brief history of GEICO on our website if you want to know more about this remarkable company. I have a ways to go before I get to 75, but when I do, I hope I have as much energy, creativity and good humor as GEICO does! Happy birthday to us!