Snag post-holiday deals online without compromising security

By on January 6, 2011 at 8:55 AM

Posted in: Safety and Insurance Issues

By guest blogger Alencia J., Maryland

Well, the holiday shopping season’s over. But the post-holiday deals are there for the taking, and you don’t even have to venture out into the winter weather. More and more people find the convenience and ease of online shopping to be irresistible. If you plan to seek out such cyber-deals, follow these safety tips:

  • Go straight to the site by typing in the store’s URL instead of using a search engine.
  • Always make sure the padlock icon is in the browser status bar and that the URL has a “https” prefix.
  • Check your PayPal account frequently for signs of fraud.
  • Be cautious about e-mail confirmations with attachments or no tracking numbers. Track your order through the site shipping the item.
  • Do not store or “save” your passwords in your browser.

Got any other online-shopping security tips you’d like to share?