Thank you, veterans – especially you, Dad

By on November 11, 2010 at 8:44 AM

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It’s Veterans Day, a special day for us at GEICO. Our company was founded to serve government employees, including members of the military. We’ve always had a great appreciation for the commitment and dedication of the nation’s men and women in uniform. For decades, we’ve expressed this appreciation through our GEICO Military Service Awards. We understand and accommodate the special insurance needs of members of the armed forces; we have a team of associates dedicated to that mission in our Virginia Beach office.

But when Veterans Day comes around, I always think about my father. He served in the Navy during World War II, as a radioman on a minesweeper in the Pacific. He rarely talks about it unless asked, but not because of any painful battle memories. There simply isn’t anything terribly dramatic in his story, so there’s not much to tell.

He was a draftee, and his tour of duty was blessedly uneventful. His ship wasn’t involved in any combat; in fact, she never even found a mine to sweep. The closest my father came to a military experience worthy of a story was as part of the fleet sailing to Tokyo for the signing of the treaty that ended that part of the war. Alas, his ship developed engine trouble and the fleet sailed on without her.

No matter. My father is a hero to me, no less than he would be if he had seen combat. Anyone who puts on a military uniform accepts the risks and sacrifices that may come with it, and is worthy of the same respect and honor. Dad was lucky – and so are my brothers and I – that he came through the war unharmed, then married my mother and had four sons.

So, thank you, Dad, and thanks also to all of your brothers and sisters who proudly wear or have worn a military uniform. You honor us all with your service to the nation.

How about you? Anyone particularly on your mind today?