Oct. 4-8: Drive Safely to Work Week

By on October 4, 2010 at 9:39 AM

Posted in: Safety and Insurance Issues

For those of you who are endlessly frustrated with drivers who cut you off, tailgate and constantly slam on their brakes – you are not alone!  And let’s not forget about sitting in hours of traffic every week (or is that just me?) and those glorious moments when you blow a tire or get into a little fender-bender. As if our work lives aren’t stressful enough, dealing with bad drivers going to and from work gets us aggravated, tired and frustrated.

That’s why the responsible folks at the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety’s (NETS) created ‘Drive Safely to Work Week’; to remind us that there’s no better time to start driving safely than when we’re going to and from work.

Keep in mind, the goal of DSWW isn’t just to drive safely for one week; it’s to encourage safe driving, not just when you’re going to and from work, but all the time.

Distracted driving is one of the primary contributors to bad driving. Here are a few statistics that might influence you to put that cell phone down and stop checking your e-mail in the car:

  • Did you know that distracted driving is responsible for 20 percent of car accidents? That means that at least 20 percent of accidents are 100 percent preventable. How’s that for a statistic?
  • A recent simulator study showed that drivers on cell phones fail to see up to 50 percent of the information in the driving environment. That’s like only being able to see out half of your windshield. Scary, huh?

Check out the other materials on the Drive Safely to Work Week website and research the various ways you can improve your driving. And if you’ve observed any bad driving behavior you’d like to share, please comment below.

*Thanks to NETS for providing the statistics, comic and all additional information regarding Drive Safely to Work Week.