What it’s like to live in … Washington, D.C.

By on August 4, 2010 at 4:30 PM

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GEICO has business locations scattered throughout the United States. As part of an ongoing series of posts, we’ve decided to reach out to GEICO associates all across the country to share some of their favorite things about the places where they live and work.

Washington, D.C., also known as The Nation’s Capital, may bring the president, politics and power to mind, but I assure you, there’s much more to this city than those obvious attributes.

D.C. has become a thriving metropolis with culture, fantastic restaurants, shopping, museums and more. If you’re a first-timer visiting D.C., the Smithsonian, the White House and the Washington Monument are a must. But visiting the cobblestone streets of Georgetown (don’t forget to eat at Clyde’s or stop by Georgetown Cupcake while you’re there!); taking a waterfront cruise in Alexandria; or enjoying a food tour of the D.C. borough of your choosing will make your experience all the more enjoyable.

One of my favorite things to do in the city is go to the Eastern Market. A co-worker recommended this shortly after I moved here and it’s been a favorite spot of mine ever since. Located in Southeastern D.C., it’s a market where you can find unique jewelry, hand-made pottery, fresh foods … and that’s just the beginning. After you’ve finished browsing the market and bargaining your way to a few treasures, enjoy a light lunch at one of the outdoor cafes and you’ve pretty much had the perfect day.

During the summer, catch movies on the National Mall, go to a Nationals game, and wander around the row houses on Capitol Hill to get the full Washington, D.C., experience. Then you’ll understand why there’s so much more to this city than just politics. Have a favorite D.C. spot that I haven’t mentioned here? Please, share!