Make it Special

By on May 10, 2010 at 4:20 PM

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By guest blogger Brandon G., public affairs coordinator, Maryland

The public affairs team is getting ready to go to Omaha this July 18-23 for the 2010 Special Olympics National Games. This is going to be a great event with thousands of athletes! GEICO is sponsoring the games; particularly the bowling event, which alone will involve about 300 athletes.

We are really excited and will have volunteers from all over the country helping us out. The opening ceremony will be spectacular. The Special Olympics was able to get planes and pilots donated to bring the athletes in. For 12 hours on July 17, Cessna airplanes will be taking off and landing every 90 seconds.

We are really looking forward to this great event and we know it will be one of the best. If you’re in the Omaha area in July, look us up! And if you have Special Olympics events near you, please get involved and help out. This is a great cause that makes everyone a winner.