Honoring those who serve the nation – and their communities

By on May 6, 2010 at 7:24 AM

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GEICO was founded nearly 74 years ago to serve the auto insurance needs of government employees and members of the military. Our market has expanded since then to include – well, everybody – but we’ve never lost our affection and respect for the people who affirmed Leo Goodwin’s vision by becoming GEICO’s first customers. And we demonstrate that affection and respect every year through the GEICO Military Service Awards and the GEICO Public Service Awards.

These awards programs recognize a handful of federal employees and members of the military each year as exemplary representatives of the legions of federal workers and military members whose professional and volunteer efforts improve their communities. The candidates for these awards work (and/or volunteer) in the areas of substance abuse prevention and treatment, fire prevention and safety, physical rehabilitation, and traffic safety and accident prevention. The winners receive a weekend in Washington, D.C., that includes hotel accommodations, tours of local landmarks, an Orioles or Nationals game and other activities, all culminating in an awards ceremony and reception on Monday night.

We’ve recently completed this year’s Service Awards – military at the end of April, and public in early May – and as always, the stories of the incredible, selfless work done by the winners were absolutely inspiring. The military and the federal work force simply do not receive the appreciation they deserve for their day-to-day efforts to improve our lives and secure the freedoms of all Americans.

It’s easy to take the work of these groups for granted. In fact, I think most of us do. But I urge you to take a moment to think of all that our military and federal work forces do for us. If you know anyone who serves in these capacities, take your next opportunity to thank them. And the extraordinary individuals GEICO honors each year deserve an extra measure of our thanks and gratitude. GEICO does a lot of things that make me proud to work here, but these awards programs have to be at the top of the list.

2009 Military Service Award Winners

Army – Staff Sergeant Jason Vickodil
Marines – Staff Sergeant Christopher Fulgium
Navy – Petty Officer First Class Dwayne Lowry
Air Force – Senior Master Sergeant Michael Lund
Coast Guard – Seaman Derek Luman
National Guard/Reserves – Army Sergeant First Class Joseph Grasso

2009 Public Service Award Winners

Gregory Chesser, Fire Prevention and Safety
Kathleen Casper, Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Norman Morrisette, Physical Rehabilitation
Lonnie Scott, Traffic and Safety Prevention
Marilyn A. Schaub, Physical Rehabilitation – Retired