By on March 26, 2010 at 10:37 AM

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Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think about the randomness of life. Although our individual efforts and persistence have a lot to do with how our lives turn out, chance also plays a huge role. Think about your own life. How might it have turned out differently if you’d lingered a little longer in a certain place, or gone to a different school, been born somewhere else or pursued another career? Heck, I would never have known about the job I took at GEICO in 1984 except that my brother dated a girl whose mom was a GEICO employee.

In the auto insurance industry, too, chance is the proverbial “gorilla in the room.” What causes accidents? Distracted or impaired driving, in some cases, sure, but chance is always a factor. A difference of a few split-seconds can be the difference between a serious crash, a minor fender-bender or no impact whatsoever.

The typical two-car crash never happens if either of the drivers involved does – or doesn’t – stop for a cup of coffee … take an extra few seconds in front of the mirror before hitting the road … go through that yellow light two blocks back. If you think about it like this, it takes an incredible confluence of random circumstances and bad luck for two cars to collide.

Yet, of course, it happens many, many times a day. Each individual accident has a high degree of unpredictability, but collectively, they comprise a fairly reliable pattern. And that’s where insurance comes in – to protect each of us from the unpredictability of the individual accident. And that protection is critical – the cost of a crash would be a crippling financial blow to most of us if we didn’t have insurance.

I never thought I would have a career in insurance, but I’m glad I do. I’m proud – and lucky – to be part of an industry that helps and protects people when random events conspire to put them in great need of our assistance.