GEICO’s Fredericksburg, Virginia, office turns 20

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FOBWe love our celebrations at GEICO, and we had a milestone anniversary to celebrate this summer. Our regional headquarters facility in Fredericksburg, Virginia – where I worked until just a couple of months ago – turned 20 years old, and associates there enjoyed a monthlong celebration that included contests, cook-outs and much more. My former colleagues are full of GEICO Pride!

Interesting facts about the office:

  • Fburg20GEICO’s Fredericksburg office has been voted a “Best Place to Work” in Virginia for the past three years.
  • We employ nearly 4,000 associates in Fredericksburg … and we’re looking to hire more!
  • Each floor of the main building is almost the size of a soccer field.
  • This office contains a gym, a Starbucks and its own cafeteria.
  • It is conveniently located within an hour’s drive of Washington, D.C.

What our Fredericksburg associates say:

Stephanie Payne (Service Supervisor)

What is your favorite memory at GEICO?

My favorite memory at GEICO would be the first profit-sharing meeting I attended. That was the first experience where I knew I was working for a special company. The excitement and team atmosphere made me feel I finally found my career and I choose the best company to work for!

How have you made a difference at GEICO?

Being a supervisor, my ultimate goal is to ensure great experiences for our customers and to develop agents while guiding them to achieve their goals! When I achieve both, it’s not only rewarding for me, but it’s a huge reward for the company! Gaining net promoters by developing agents into becoming advocates for excellent customer service is a win-win!

Nikki Smet (Service)

What’s your all-time favorite moment at GEICO?

My favorite moment at GEICO was when Fredericksburg hit 1 million policyholders and we had a huge celebration!

What keeps you at GEICO?

The opportunities to succeed within the company.

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Fredericksburg business interns work with management and offer business solutions

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By guest blogger Brittany Thompson, human resources 

interns 5“The best parts of interning at GEICO were the many opportunities I had to develop my professional skills and network with talented, driven people.” – Finance major Philip Brown, Penn State

Our GEICO interns in Fredericksburg this summer were busy! They didn’t just learn about and observe the business operations at GEICO in sales, service, claims, and planning departments and sub-departments, visit our auto damage body shop in Fredericksburg, take part in marketing trips and the intern summit at the corporate headquarters (as if that weren’t already a full schedule for the summer!). Our 12 interns also worked alongside upper management and independently to analyze business problems and offer real solutions. We look forward to implementing their recommendations and seeing them again as future GEICO associates!

At GEICO we pride ourselves on customer interactions and make our claims process as easy as possible. After learning about the claims process, interacting with claims associates, and presenting with her team to upper management on first-call resolution strategies, Virginia Tech economics major Frankie Coulson said, “The best, most surprising part of working at GEICO is how many managers and upper-level executives we got to talk to and learn from.”

Virginia Tech business information technology major David Knopik agreed. “When I first came in,” he said, “I was expecting that all the managers and directors wouldn’t even bother talking to an intern or helping me out, but that was not the case at all!”

Risk management major Allyson Hoffman (Penn State) enjoyed her customer service department project; she analyzed the reasons policyholders call customer service based on their tenure with GEICO. Having the opportunity to present to top regional management makes the GEICO internship a rare opportunity for college students. “Everyone was so friendly and always there to help,” Hoffman said. “We got to experience real data behind GEICO’s process and recommended changes that would be effective to the company.”

At the end of the summer many of our interns became candidates for leadership programs. From the day our interns started in June, they became part of our GEICO family. Though we’ll miss them all as they finish their college degrees this year, we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon after graduation.

Finance major Raymond Boisvert (Radford University) is interested in a GEICO career because, “I’ve seen the advancement potential in the GEICO career ladder, I am excited to get into a leadership program and start working my way up to a senior management position.”

Our internships, achievement awards, and community service events are all great ways to become a member of the GEICO family and can mark the start of a wonderful career opportunity!

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Dallas interns and associates ‘Stuff the Bus’ and ‘Paint the Fence’ for local schools

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One of the reasons I’m proud to work at GEICO is that our associates so often participate in volunteer events or fundraiser to benefit their local communities. Recently, GEICO’s Dallas summer interns took the lead in organizing two events to aid local schools.

StuffBusThe first event the group organized was “Stuff the Bus.” Members of the community were encouraged to stop by, donate school supplies, receive GEICO gear and enjoy shaved ice and other activities alongside the GEICO Gecko and associates. GEICO associates also held an internal associate school-supplies drive of their own throughout the month of July. All donations were stored in a school bus and donated to Metrocrest Services, which then distributed the supplies to schools in the Carrollton-Farmer’s Branch Independent School District.

PTFenceBut Dallas’ summer interns didn’t stop there. The group also recruited associates and their friends and family members to volunteer their time and labor to restore more than 650 feet of metal fence owned by the Dallas County Independent School District Agricultural Center. The group of more than 40 volunteers scraped off old paint, sanded down the metal and repainted the fence, which is used to house local livestock.

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40 years of magic in Macon

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Macon Open HouseGeorgia is on our mind! GEICO’s Macon office, in the heart of Georgia, celebrated its 40th anniversary on Aug. 12. The office opened in 1974 with only 150 associates dressed in their favorite flare pants and wide lapels. While the fashions have changed over the years, our Macon associates’ drive has not.

Today, Macon is home to more GEICO associates than any of our other locations around the country, with more than 5,000 associates providing service to the Midwest and Southeast states. Want to join the team? We plan to add more than 500 new associates by the end of the year.

And now for a walk down Macon’s memory lane… Can you guess what’s happening in these photos?

Macon Family Day Macon First Day

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That GEICO Gecko gets around

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GeckoBetween hobnobbing with celebrities, making guest appearances at huge national events and interacting with his legion of fans, life is pretty good for the GEICO Gecko. Adults love him for helping them save on insurance, and children … well, they mostly love giving him a big hug.

While his schedule can be quite hectic, the Gecko never turns down the chance to get out and meet his fans. That was certainly the case recently in San Diego where the Gecko threw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game and fit right in with the costumed characters at Comic Con.

The Gecko had the great honor of standing before the crowd at Petco Park and tossing out the first pitch to the Padres’ Swinging Friar before a game against the Chicago Cubs. He then stayed on the field throughout the game to root for the home team and lead crowd cheers. Later that week the Gecko donned a costume of DC Comics’ superhero The Green Lantern at Comic Con and interacted with fellow attendees. Fortunately, the Gecko’s color scheme was already the perfect shade for his outfit, so he didn’t need to do too much stitching and sewing.

All in all, I’m not quite sure the Gecko can sympathize with Kermit the Frog’s famous line, “It’s not easy being green.” The Gecko sure seems to enjoy it.

 Gecko First Pitch

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Teen Drivers: GEICO’s got a website just for you

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By guest blogger Poojah Ganesh

GEICO Teen drivingYou passed your driver’s test and got your driver’s license. Good for you! You even got a car to drive to school and other places without needing Mom and Dad to chauffeur you around. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?

But your parents worry about your safety, especially when you’re driving on the road alone.

You can ease their minds, though.  Tell them that you’ve checked out GEICO’s teen safe-driving site ( and found plenty of safety tips. Your parents may relax a little when you show them the site and cover what you learned.

For example, you can easily click on the website features:

  • The various pages include “Distracted Driving,” “Tips for Teens” and “Tips for Parents.”
  • Auto Safety Library contains printable and downloadable materials such as pamphlets, brochures, posters and videos.
  • Crash Test Videos are provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
  • The GEICO Teen Drivers YouTube Channel features even more videos!
  • Crash Facts Quiz helps you learn driving facts and statistics-and it’s fun!
  • Insurance Guide helps you determine what insurance coverage to get for your car.
  • Games and reading. Access our mobile games, license laws, news and facts.

Check out this website today and learn how young drivers can be a little safer on the road. You’ll be glad to see what’s there – and so will your parents!

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Memory of the Month: Dance like there’s nobody watching

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Dancing associatesEach month, we share an image from GEICO’s past and invite you to exercise your caption-writing skills.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, whose company owns GEICO, has said he enjoys his job so much that he tap-dances to work every day. That’s a feeling apparently shared by this group of GEICO employees.

Judging from the bell-bottoms, I’d be willing to bet that this photo was shot in the early 1970s, during a period of great growth and prosperity for the company. But if you put current styles in clothing and hair on these women, you’d have a picture that could have been shot last week. GEICO has been the fastest-growing auto insurer in the nation for most of this century, and we’re “cautiously optimistic,” as they say, about the future.

Heck, I’ve even seen some joyful dancing around here from time to time. But except for the odd Halloween costume, I’ve never seen outfits like some of these ladies are wearing.

What do you think they’d say today?

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Teens: Are you ready to drive to school for the first time by yourself?

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Teen Driving Infographic mdBy guest blogger Poojah Ganesh, communications intern

The back-to-school shopping is finally done. You’ve got some new clothes and supplies for school. You’ve also texted your friends on where you plan to meet before class starts.

You’re all set for the first day at school … right?                  

Not entirely. This school year is going to be different. That’s because you’ll be driving to school for the first time all by yourself. No parents this year. It’s all on you. 

Unfortunately, you’re in an age group most prone to accidents and road risks. So take a look at GEICO’s 10 safe-driving tips to help teens be safe on the road, and have a great school year. 

  1. Wake up early so you won’t need to rush to class.  
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast at home. Not only will you keep your car clean, but you can concentrate on driving.
  3. Put makeup on or do your hair before getting behind the wheel. Grooming should always be done before you leave your home, or at school in the restroom before class.  
  4. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you’re sleepy, get someone to drive you or take the bus.
  5. Make sure your car’s gas tank is filled.  
  6. Do NOT use your phone when driving. Save the back-to-school selfies and texting for later, and make sure you pay attention to the road.
  7. Always wear your seatbelt. There are no alternatives to this rule. No matter the distance, you always need to wear one.
  8. Do not get distracted when driving with others. Keep your focus on the road.
  9. Stick to the speed limit and follow road signs at all times. Don’t speed to class and always follow road signals and signs.
  10. Take extra care in school zones. Watch out for little kids and pedestrians.

Remember, your safety is important when driving to school. Enjoy your first day!

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GEICO has IT all – and then some – for summer interns

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Every year, GEICO offers internships to college students interested in gaining some real-world experience in the fields they’re studying during the school year. And each year, the summer Interns from Virginia Beach and Fredericksburg travel to the corporate headquarters and meet with members of GEICO’s senior staff. 

I spoke with Jake and Ross, two of our summer interns, about their experiences at GEICO and at the Intern Summit.

InternRossWhat did you like most about the Intern Summit?

Ross: I was particularly excited to visit the corporate headquarters. The Fredericksburg interns received a warm and friendly welcome at the headquarters, and we got to interact with interns from other regional offices. The real excitement was our exposure to senior management, from various departments. It is unbelievable that I have only been part of the GEICO family for six weeks and I am seated at the same table as our COO and CIO. 

Who was your favorite speaker at the Summit?                           

Ross: CIO Greg Kalinsky. I liked the approach Mr. Kalinsky chose to take for his speech, taking the role of an advice-giver. I was prepared for a technology/innovation oriented speech, but was delighted to hear Greg talking more about the unique point we are in our lives as college students who are ready to venture out and find a career.

InternJakeWhy did you choose the GEICO internship?

Jake: I chose GEICO because I saw it as a great chance to experience the real world.  I knew GEICO as being the car insurance company with the funny commercials, but I had no idea how important they saw IT. In doing my research beforehand, I found that GEICO is one of the largest IT employer in the D.C. area, and so after that I had pretty much made my decision. And now, looking back, I am 100 percent confident that I made the right decision!

Ross: I ultimately chose GEICO based on the opportunities they offer. While I was searching for an internship the most important thing to me was a company that would provide a gateway to employment opportunities. GEICO’s internship offers a great learning experience and has opened up several career paths for me to choose from.

Would you recommend GEICO’s internship to other students?

Ross: Yes. Without a doubt I will be very vocal in endorsing GEICO’s internship program when I return to campus in the fall. I will be sharing with my classmates my positive experience with hopes they too apply for this opportunity. GEICO is the fastest-growing insurance company and I hope to contribute to the growth by spreading the word and attracting highly qualified individuals to the company.

Jake: Absolutely! I gained some very important experience in IT and I got confirmation that I was heading into the right field.

If you were on campus and someone asked about your experience at GEICO, what would you say to them?

Jake: GEICO has been great to me!

Ross: Do it! I really want to reflect my positive experience here at GEICO with my friends.  I would want them to look into the program and truly consider what GEICO can offer them. The career growth opportunities plus the company culture here at GEICO are unmatched and I would be thrilled to see more fellow alumni joining the GEICO family.

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Stay cool and guard against auto theft and fraud this summer

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steering wheel lockThere’s nothing I like better during the heat of summer than a trip to the beach or the lake to cool off. But it’s tough to take that weekend trip if car thieves have struck and left your driveway empty. Before you pack that bathing suit in your suitcase, GEICO and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) recommend you do the following to protect your vehicle against theft:

  • Take basic, common-sense steps. Remove your keys from the ignition, lock your car doors, keep the windows raised and park in a well-lit area.
  • Consider installing an anti-theft device. A warning device, such as an alarm or steering wheel lock, can help dissuade a thief from targeting your vehicle. An immobilizing device, like a kill switch or a fuel pump disabler, will literally stop thieves in their tracks. A tracking device will help police find your vehicle once it has been taken.

In addition to protecting yourself from car theft, it’s important to also watch out for fraudsters on the road who stage accidents. These often organized criminal groups prey on innocent victims to defraud insurance companies. NICB recently re-created some of the brazen methods these criminals use in a series of demonstration videos:

For more information and resources on theft and fraud prevention, and to report if you’ve been a victim of a staged accident, go to

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