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By on July 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM

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GEICO HiringOne of the advantages of working at a large and growing company like GEICO is the many possibilities for growth and success. We’re not the only company that offers such opportunities, but there aren’t many that can compare to us.

GEICO has been the fastest-growing company in our industry for most of this century, and that growth brings opportunities for career advancement. Even for its entry-level associates, GEICO provides the right tools to succeed. Many don’t know that our CEO, Tony Nicely, started at GEICO as an entry-level clerk, and worked his way up to the top job in the company. And his story isn’t unique; you see similar career progressions in more than three-quarters of our management team.

This is a company where hard work, dedication and self-development can get you where you want to be. We encourage our associates to further their educations with tuition reimbursement, and as one’s skills improve, one finds many different jobs to move into, with the support of colleagues.

Here at GEICO, we celebrate each other’s success. This builds a strong community within GEICO and really promotes teamwork. There is always someone willing to help and answer questions. With this type of support and advancement opportunity, there’s no better place to build a great career.

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, check out the variety of positions for which we’re hiring, all over the country, and apply! If you’ve got what it takes, we’re looking for you!

3 responses to “Grow with GEICO

  1. dennis berry sr says:

     I am retired at this time and I need to work so I can afford a place to live in I know that I can be useful even with a slight disability I may not be able to walk a long distance or clam stairs but there are jobs that I can do and I only need one. all I ask is a CHANCE


    I have been licensed as a 2-20 agent for 10+ years but have not been active in the insurance industry. My primary profession is real Estate. Now since the real estate industry is in a downfall, I want to become active in the Insurance Profession. Please contact me with some good advise.

  3. Rachel GEICO HR says:

    Hello Shirley and Dennis, I would like to further assist you and would recommend checking out our Careers Page. Here, you will learn more about the job openings that we currently have. You’re also able to filter your search to match your interests and location. If you have any questions, please ask.