Meet two of GEICO’s future business leaders

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to two of our associates to give you an inside look at what it’s like being involved in our leadership programs. Let’s meet Jonathan and Sean, who work full time in our Fredericksburg, Va., office.

Jonathan D., Management Development Program – Claims Track
GEICO associate since 2012

MDPJonDJonathan graduated from the University of Florida with a major in marketing and minor in entrepreneurship. Not only did he work hard in the classroom, but he also played running back for the University of Florida football team. Following his academic career, he was looking to establish a long-lasting career. GEICO’s Management Development Program presented an opportunity to join a growing company in a stable industry.

Tell us about your experience with the Management Development Program.

The Management Development Program has far exceeded my expectations on all fronts. Since I’ve joined the program, everyone is eager to share their knowledge about our business operation. Each associate seems to have a true desire for me to succeed.

I’ve been especially impressed with our senior management, and the amount of time they spend developing each leader in the program. With great expectations for each MDP candidate, they’ve gone above and beyond to ensure we are equipped with the tools we need to be successful business leaders.

What’s the best piece of career advice you have received?

Learn more about people than you do your product or your service, and you will become unusually successful. The more you know about people, the better you become at communicating and building relationships. Everyone has a story, and learning about others will build a team atmosphere that produces successful results.

What is your favorite GEICO commercial?

The “GEICO Spelling Bee Commercial” (featuring Old MacDonald). The “Dagnabit” gets me every time!

Sean L., Management Development Program – Sales Track
GEICO associate since 2012

MDPSeanPrior to beginning his career at GEICO, Sean graduated from Radford University with a double major in management and psychology. Today, he’s in our Management Development Program in Fredericksburg.

Tell us about your experience with the Management Development Program.

The Management Development Program provides you an opportunity to understand from the ground up, the area you will one day work in.  From agent to supervisor, you are taking part in projects that help you network and increase your visibility within the company.

What do you like most about GEICO?

The atmosphere in the office, people are laughing and smiling.  Even when the work gets tough, the attitude is constantly positive.

What is your favorite GEICO moment?

Coordinating the “millionth policy celebration” here in Fredericksburg was a great opportunity. Seeing everyone smile when the millionth policy celebration took place was, by far, my favorite GEICO moment.

The Management Development Program is made up of bright, driven graduates. This fast-track management training program will provide you with opportunities to learn all about our business, gain hands-on experience, receive mentoring, interact with management and prepare to one day lead a team and much more! If you’re interested in learning more about our leadership programs, please connect with a recruiter and review the job requirements at

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  1. Francine Black says:

    job search is not working
    Francine Black

  2. jim huey says:

    I am a retiree, had experience in the INSURANCE business. needed a job for some extra income to help with the cost of living.
    I am a client with GEICO’ s Auto Insurance. Policy #4295-90-86-04

  3. Brian Jones says:

    To whom this may concern,
    Looking forward to a career of exciting new beginnings. I’m honest, reliable, focuses on task at hand, get jobs done in a timely manner, willing to learn, take direction well. Adding a positive attitude with respect to the benefit of the company.

  4. Hilld says:

    GEICO is an excellent insurance company; however, in California they are ONLY hiring young, college graduates; and largely ignoring seasoned, well trained individuals with a diversity of experience.  This is extremely perplexing to me.  If a company constantly proclaims that it seeks to hire the most qualified individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age; why does GEICO continually and consistently demonstrate a hiring preference for college graduates? Hmmmmmm.  It appears GEICO is not honestly and completely representing its company values.

  5. cmincek says:

    I wish  and hope the best for every seeking employment and thank-you for posting a career change for one needed including me … how would i send a resume for consideration in employment.  Thank-you   Also Warren Buffet for Prez


    I am a 220 licence property & casualty and I worked for an Allstate agent for 8 years , I know  Geico is the must competitive company in Miami Dade county because my auto policy is with Geico , and I would like to be a Geico sales  representative . 
    Best regards 
    Alberto Morffi

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    Hi Everyone – Our job search function was not working properly late last week. We are up and running again. Please visit us at to view current openings and to apply. Thank you!

  9. Leader's Leader says:

    The post of Hilld (18 OCT, above) has me concerned, if true.
    I, for example, have 25 years of intelligence analysis experience around the globe and have held myriad leadership positions in places to include the Pentagon, Afghanistan, and a 7,000+ person company. I have an MBA (Marketing); BA (Russian); and, will shortly receive my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. To Hilld’s point, if GEICO would not consider me for anything but an entry-level position then I would question the company’s committment to excellence. GEICO, prove me wrong at: