Planning a summer road trip? Visit these roadside attractions along the way

By on April 2, 2013 at 7:55 AM

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The featured article in our Spring newsletter took at a look at 10 of our favorite roadside attractions. Below are a few more unusual, quirky destinations. Share your favorites in the comments!

Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, Calif.

Come to a real-world Jurassic Park. Ms. Dinny, a 150-ton dinosaur, is the largest concrete dino in the world. You can even climb to the top of a life-size Tyrannosaurus rex. The concrete prehistoric creatures are just a short distance west of Palm Springs and can be seen from Interstate 10.

Leaning Tower – Niles, Ill.

You don’t need to travel all the way to Italy to see a leaning tower – at least not a half-sized replica. Built in 1934, Niles’ leaning tower is now the center of a park. The Midwestern tower is just 15 minutes from O’Hare airport.

World’s Largest Buffalo – Jamestown, N.D.

The 60-ton concrete sculpture has been around for tourists to see and take pictures with since 1959. In 2010, the buffalo was named “Dakota Thunder.”

Now, it’s your turn! Share the hidden treasures in your part of the country in the comments.

52 responses to “Planning a summer road trip? Visit these roadside attractions along the way

  1. Billie Callahan says:

    I can think of quite a few here in GA…

    Helen, GA – there is a great deal to see and taste!

    Tocoa, GA – Goats on the Roof

    The Little Grand Canyon – South West GA

    The Coca Cola Museum – Atlanta
     Stone Mountain – Atlanta

    all great places!

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Washburn says:

    [1]  Two Rivers, Michigan Historical Museum:  The building itself was built in the 1800s; plus, this town is the home of the Ice Cream Sunday.  There is even an Ice Cream Parlor in the Museum, so you can eat Ice Cream.  The Museum guide will tell you the Ice Cream Sunday story and how and why it got started there. 

    [2]  World’s Largest Rocking Chair in Gulfport, MS is located in front of a furniture store.

    [3]  Fort Walton Beach, Florida has the oldest Goofy Golf cours [miniature golf]  I loved it.

    [4]  Largest Wind Chime in the world is located in  Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  My hubby is a musician and rang it and said it is perfectly tuned.  He loved it.  This town is FULL of interesting things to see.  Another place I suggest is Quigley’s Castle.  It’s actually a unique home built by a woman and her husband out of her beautiful rock collection.  The inside of the home is also unique, since she designed it herself based on her love of the outdoors and plants.