Hitting the road in search of talent

By on February 7, 2013 at 2:03 PM

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By guest blogger Steve Cairns

Spring is just around the corner and you can just feel it … can’t you? The weather is going to change, the flowers are going to bloom, birds are going to sing, and soon-to-be graduates will be seeking out opportunities to put their hard-earned degrees to use.

The good news for these students is that there will be plenty of companies that will be happy to provide them the opportunities they seek. The spring recruiting season is upon us and the GEICO college recruiters, like many others, will be hitting the road searching for top talent to join the fastest-growing insurance company in the industry.

So you are probably asking yourself … why all the hoopla? Graduates need jobs and GEICO has jobs … end of story. Well, not quite. You see GEICO recruiters are not looking for just ANY graduates to fill our opportunities we are looking for the best of the best. The problem is that every other company is vying for the same talent.

The competition on campus has continued to grow from season to season and our college recruiters are constantly working hard to separate themselves from the pack. The college recruiters across the company are the brand ambassadors and the “face” of GEICO on campus. Over the next few months, you’ll find GEICO college recruiters at more than 100 schools and events to promote the opportunities that GEICO has to offer.

These events will range from the general career fair to specific events that will target diverse student populations. The recruiters’ work will make a lasting impression on the candidates they talk to on campus, and will have long-term effects on GEICO’s future talent base.

We are very excited for the spring – should be busy months for our recruiting team!

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  1. Matt Falcon says:

    You guys know what would be super awesome? If you’d quit hijacking all the airwaves around the clock on all channels all the time with your ads. How can you possibly be saving anyone money (I’m with Progressive, mind you – which is still running ads, but not nearly at the absurd level I see Geico ads and variants) if you spend such a comical amount of money on pelting the entire country with ads all the time? Yes, we as consumers/viewers are considering more than just the same tired, irritating, and disgusting “can save you 15% or more on car insurance” statement. We’re considering how much you put into these ads and how often we see them.

    You’ve never won me over with that “15% or more” garbage – and no matter how many times you morph and bend the garbage you wrap around that statement (really? you’re talking about the mobile app? Why in god’s name would I ever need to pay my bill from a smartphone app instead of my computer, on your website?!) – I will never believe that “15% or more” crap. It’s an inherently invalid catchphrase. You can’t have something “up to X% or more” – it just means “here’s a fancy number and you can hope to save some money – maybe“. You may as well say “can save 99% or more on your car insurance”. Why not? It’s just as valid.

    WE GET IT. Stop with the constant barrage of ads driving up TV air-time costs for everyone else! I want to see more ads about the Nissan LEAF, something people actually need to hear about. Something people don’t already know about. Something that changes the world. Something you may not have even heard about. If your company would stop hijacking the airwaves, maybe there might be some room out there for products that people haven’t already been bored to death with. If Geico comes up with something new – instead of just yet another way to repackage and regurgitate the old – then go right ahead, take some air time to tell people about it! Until then… please, politely pause polluting programming with pure pointless propaganda! :)