Federal leave cards – from paper to mobile app

By on November 20, 2012 at 7:47 AM

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GEICO Leave Card App ScreenshotWith a name like “Government Employees Insurance Company,” it’s no surprise that we’ve been providing federal leave cards since the 1950’s, when federal workers were the primary customers of GEICO.

Today, federal employees can track their leave on the go with an app from GEICO.

Simply download the app, enter your current sick and annual leave balances and accrual rates, and the app automatically calculates your annual and sick leave. And this year, the federal leave card app has been updated to account for overtime, and for increased leave time accruals between leave periods.

You can also send the information that appears on the leave record app via email. You’ll never miscalculate vacation time or sick leave again!

The app is free, and it’s available for Android and iPhone.

Head on over to geico.com for more details, and then you can start planning that much-needed vacation.

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2 responses to “Federal leave cards – from paper to mobile app

  1. john p says:

    Your commercials are overbearing. Your marketing team is obviously not in touch with the fact that we want level-headed insurance companies talking strong points and pricing, not cartoon lizards, pigs and has been rock-stars clogging our screens (Yes, i know all about ad nuaseam and the repeating ad) and chattering childish gibberish about unrealistic scenarios. Get back to basics before you start losing customers.

  2. F E Seay says:

    Obviously the marketing team is RIGHT ON TARGET John P. since they got a reaction out of you and you’ve seen enough commercials to know the characters specifically.  For years people have bashed GEICO’s marketing campaigns with any number of insults and comments, but the truth (and fact!) remains that GEICO continues to grow in policies and policyholders and contrary to your tepid prediction, is not losing customers…..quite the opposite.  If you actually were a GEICO policyholder you would know that how competitive they are on pricing and how their customer service, sales, and connection to the community is top-notch and high-quality.  Sounds like you’re just having a bad day….