Rethink insurance as the place to launch a career

By on October 12, 2012 at 8:53 AM

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By Shannon Smedstad, GEICO Careers, guest blogger

Do you want to one day work for a reputable company? An organization that’s making a difference in customers’ lives and giving back? A place that will support your professional development and career aspirations?  GEICO – an insurance company – offers all that, and more! We know that most college students don’t grow up thinking that they want to work in insurance. Many of our own associates have said the same thing. But those of us who’ve made careers in insurance know first-hand how dynamic and challenging this industry can be.

It’s with great pleasure that we share our newest recruiting video with you. It features real employees, most of whom graduated a few short years ago, who also chose GEICO as the place to be. They made the transition from campus to corporate in one of GEICO’s two leadership development programs. Associates in these selective management training programs learn our business from the ground up, rotate through various departments, work on meaningful projects, receive mentoring, and are on a fast-track to managing their own teams. So, if you have a few minutes right now, watch this video … we hope it changes the way you think about starting a career in insurance.

Are you a GEICO associate who wants to share their experience working in insurance? Please share your story or career highlights below.

4 responses to “Rethink insurance as the place to launch a career

  1. Tom says:

    Geico Is the best.  Period.  If you want to work with a company that has great integrity And truely believes in service and serving its customers you have found it.  Geico has made insurance better for eveyone even those who are with other companys. 

  2. Chris says:

    Well said, Tom!

  3. Timothy O. says:

    Good article.  I have been at GEICO 15 years. Not a single regret and love working here.  GEICO is committed to associate development and giving you opportunity if you work hard. 

  4. dj says:

    Giego owned by buffett made millions by not paying claims!