Use your Klout to help the Gecko

By on April 10, 2012 at 1:56 PM

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Gecko in Las VegasIf the Gecko ended up in a hotel room with a kangaroo and Richard Simmons, there must have been some other strange things that happened during his trip to Las Vegas, right? There’s a whole set of interesting photos to be found out there, and you might receive some in your mailbox if you’ve got Klout.

Thanks to the online influence website Klout, GEICO is offering a unique look into the Gecko’s night with a series of snapshots depicting everything from the Gecko photo-bombing a wedding to his adventures as a retro videogame character. Eligible participants have the chance to receive this as well as a variety of gecko-themed gifts such as bobbleheads or thumb drives. There might even be some special surprises along the way; if you’ve ever wanted to become a character in a video game or receive a prop from a GEICO commercial, you’ll want to check this out.

Twitter users: keep an eye on the hashtag #GeckoVegas to see all of the photos. To learn more and check your own Klout score, visit

5 responses to “Use your Klout to help the Gecko

  1. anon says:

    sounds to me like the Gecko is now a member of the Wolfpack and he had an unfortunate case of somone dropping ruffies in his alcohol…. the gecko needs to go to Alcoholics Anonomous because he obviously has a problem… This may look bad for Auto Insurance’s most loved spokesperson, everyone makes mistakes but come on man you have wayyyy too much at stake to lose, If you need anything feel free to ask us (your geico family) we have 2 great films to show you Hangover, and Hangover 2…. It will show you that newtons 3rd law of physics also apply to everyday life. Lets get it together Geko, if you ever feel down just call me I WILL MOTIVATE YOU!

  2. Jackie Cafferello says:

    Love the gecko and pig commercials. Stick to them. The taste tests commercials are lame and just makes most want to watch “Mayhem”!

  3. Go-Girl says:

    The Gecko reaches out to everybody – including those who make mistakes! It just goes to show you that even if you mess up once in a while, there are those out there who’ll be understanding and give you the helping hand up! I <3 GEICO!

  4. wesley says:

    wait, don’t you notice something werid?  he has his own son but where is his wife?

    and you know if he doesn’t have a wife how was his son born? I think It’s that he gave birth to his son, 0.0  he never told his freinds though,

    doesn’t anybody else notice he’s missing a wife? . . . 0.0 

  5. wesley says:

    oh and p.s  I love geico gecko he my favorite character :D