Savings never tasted so good

By on April 4, 2012 at 2:33 PM

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“Is this your first car insurance taste test?” asks the host of what is indeed the world’s first car insurance taste test, the newest series of GEICO commercials. The spots pit the sweet taste of GEICO’s savings and service against the harsh tang of its competitors, the latter generating a variety of surprising reactions. The hope is that you, too, can avoid bad car insurance face.

While the host’s relaxed demeanor brings about its own subtle comedy, the real stars here are the unwitting participants, who were served a variety of unpleasant (but safe) drinks to bring about the desired responses. In fact, the production team had to seek out new concoctions partway through shooting to make sure the gross-out moments were strong enough.

You can see all five taste tests right now on GEICO’s YouTube page. Which one is your favorite?

72 responses to “Savings never tasted so good

  1. Ronald StEPP says:

    These are indeed the dumbest series (taste test) of commercials in a long time.

    1. How do you turn service into kool aid?
    2. Given that it is GEICO making the test, and surprisingly they are the good “taste” and the “other” is the bad “taste” how do we not scream BIAS for the results?
    3. GEICO doesn’t have the courage to name a specific company instead of “other?”

    It’s just extremely ignorant, and if GEICO thinks this is the intelligence level of the customers they want to attract, I’ll just switch away to another channel whenever these play.

  2. Ronald StEPP says:

    Wow… some of you folks really need to lighten up and get a life. It’s a TV commercial, not the end of the friggin’ world. Wow…
    Obviously you thought it was important enough to comment, so don’t tell other people their opinions aren’t as importants as yours.

  3. Rob says:

    If i was a policy owner or share holder of Geico I would be ashamed to be a part of the company just because of the ignorance of these commercials.

  4. jen says:

    I found the taste test ads rather ridiculous, but innocuous, until I saw the one with the African American male reacting to the “the other” sample. Why is the white guy so dismissive and rude to the fellow because he obviously finds the drink distasteful? I find it so irritating I am actually responding to the ad via blog. If this was my insurance agency, I would be offended and request they discontinue the ad. As it stands currently, I will not entertain patronizing Geico for any insurance needs.

    Who is your advertisingin agency? You may want to consider a change.

  5. anonymous joe says:

    I don’t use GEICO (and I am a former customer) because they did not save me any money and costed 25% more than where I have my insurance now.  They were a military unfriendly company to me as well also despite what they say and their origins

  6. Andre Hicks says:

    I just want to know who was willing to pay for this advertising space? Its a complete waste of money considering that anyone smart enough to be looking for car insurance will probably also be smart enough to notice that this “test” is nothing more than a farce highlighting geicos desperation and instability as a company. A complete backfire

  7. MW says:

    I could get behind these ads if they were done in an obviously satirical or farcical manner lampooning the tradition of “taste test” commercials, but it’s obvious to me that Geico and its advertisers mean this ad, in all seriousness, to illustrate a convincing reason to purchase its services. 
    Geico apparently wants you to know that, could it distill its services into a drink, it would taste better than it’s nameless competitors.

  8. Lauren says:

    You’re kidding right? You don’t think these are “obviously satirical”?… They are supposed to the FUNNY…. LIGHTEN UP.

    I could get behind these ads if they were done in an obviously satirical or farcical manner lampooning the tradition of “taste test” commercials, but it’s obvious to me that Geico and its advertisers mean this ad, in all seriousness, to illustrate a convincing reason to purchase its services. Geico apparently wants you to know that, could it distill its services into a drink, it would taste better than it’s nameless competitors. Whatever.


  9. Sus says:

    I always mute these commercials because they’re just so stupid I can’t stand to hear them. I didn’t know who the company was. I felt compelled to write because they are so prevalent. So I listened for the company and… what? Geiko? You can do better. Take that money and pass the savings on to your customers. Your insurance is way too expensive.

  10. Chasalz says:

    A totally inane stupid commercial. Only an idiot could be persuaded to buy Geico insurance based on those commercials as a basis of reasoning.

  11. alex says:

    These are great ads for Geico.  Along with the gecko and some of the others, i can’t believe how funny they are.  I’m thinking that there are some Geiko ads that stink; like there are two ad agencies working for them.  I don’t know why there would be any negative responses to these ads.  I generally think that most people are zombies.  That may be the answere.          regards, alex

  12. amy says:

    Geico has had so many successful marketing campaigns and recognizable & liked ‘spokespersons’… I don’t understand why they would damage the image they created with this lazy excuse for marketing.

  13. Debra Anne says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid and annoying.  Please go back to the gecko or the guy with Abraham Lincoln and the whheeeing little pig (though that little pig got a bit annoying and should not have had his own series of commercials), but then again, even the little pig commercials weren’t this dumb.

  14. Anthony Powell says:

    I find the stupidity of this commercial insulting to the intelligence of consumers.  I will not use their insurance on principal.  How is that for leaving a bad taste in my mouth?

  15. Gecko says:

    This commercial worked just as planned.  The goal was to get people talking.  No such thing as bad publicity.

  16. Lordofthefools says:

    Publicity in it’s simplicity.
    Aka people stop talking about it NOW!

    This commercial is Justin bieber, and Rebecca black. 
    Ignore them, Make them feel ashamed.
    Don’t give them what they want!
    Any ignorant outcry’s of hate is what they want.
    They are bullies.

    Don’t play thier games.

    Do this to all those who use negative publicity, IGNORE THEM! 

  17. Longbeo says:

    I have noticed that also, only busceae I watch online. Dollhouse is a pretty kickass show, I love the idea behind it, that you can make someone be whatever you want them to be. I still like Firefly better though, not sure why that show got cancelled. Maybe it was poor advertising since I never even heard of Firefly until a couple years after it was cancelled. Let’s hope that Dollhouse doesn’t get cancelled. Joss Whedon is a genious.

  18. victoria says:

     @Longbeo,  r u in a different chat room?

    Anyway, I think the taste tests are straight retarded in a funny way. it’s like watching  a dumbed down version of “the hangover” or “McLovin”

  19. Comment4u2 says:

    All you commercials are so obnoxious, loud, and for those without brains. Your ad people, must be all jock american idiots. I would never buy your insurance just merely because of the way you target your audiences through your ads – And I would go out of my way to convince others not buy it also whenever the right time presented itself. Hope you guys go bankrupt.

  20. Nick says:

    I’m taking time out of my day to beg geico to quit making commercials. I would actually buy geico insurance if they would quit this. These two new guys with guitars is making me hope this polar shift really happens.

  21. jimbo says:

    GEICO commercials are among the most annoying spectacles on television and have the intellectual inspiration of a problem child wielding a rat tail in a crowded shower room.  No surprise here, considering the government’s persistent efforts to dumb down the general public and turn everyone into their servants.
    GEICO lacks hard evidence proving they save their customers money because such statistics don’t exist.  Further, they spend far too much on advertising to save anyone so much as a dime.  From personal research, GEICO is among the most expensive insurance companies and ensures your car will be repaired with low-quality OEM parts following a wreck.
    The company therefore resorts to the principle of repeating blanket statements ad nauseum in expectation that the general public will be too lazy to perform their own research and blindly subscribe to their soap.  Given the nature of the American public, this sham works to a point.
    The truth, however, doesn’t need an extra leg to stand on.


  22. mark says:

    i dumped geico years ago because of the stupid commercials, now there commercials just got worst…