Memory of the Month: Celebrate good times … come on!

By on November 30, 2011 at 3:55 PM

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In honor of GEICO’s 75th anniversary, we’re sharing an image from GEICO’s past each month this year and inviting you to exercise your caption-writing skills.

We’re coming to the end of our yearlong celebration of GEICO’s 75th anniversary, so it seems only appropriate that this Memory of the Month involves a photo of a celebration. And what says “PARTY!” more than a squeezebox, a top hat and what appears to be a stethoscope?

We don’t know what the occasion was here, but based on the lighting fixture, it’s clearly not a GEICO office building. The three principals are holding scripts in their hands, suggesting some sort of skit in progress. The woman seems rather amused by it all. So what’s going on here? Give us a scene description and some dialogue, please.

22 responses to “Memory of the Month: Celebrate good times … come on!

  1. wt says:

    awwww will yall not be doing these anymore? i love these pics :-(

  2. Joe says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are Blue
    Rhyming is stupid

  3. Steve says:

    Gentleman (singing): “I’m putting on my top hat, tying up my white tie, brushing off my tails . . . .”
    Lady (to herself): “Keep smiling, he’s your boss, just keep smiling . . . .” 
    Accordion Player: “I wish someone would have warned me that GEICO was the low-cost provider . . . of musical entertainment!”

  4. Greg Marsh says:

    @wt: Actually, we rather enjoy the Memory of the Month, too. Might keep it going next year as well!

  5. Chris says:

    “What’s all this about a talking gecko? No, no… see I am wearing my hat because I’m prepared to pull a white rabbit from it during my magic show. This can’t be right…. what does a gecko have to do with GEICO anyhow?!”

  6. Anna says:

    For the last time the Monopoly guy is not a real person!!!

  7. Buffo says:

    Take the hat off Raoul the rabbit is suffocating

  8. Lino says:

    If I lean on the piano it makes me look cooler right?

  9. Roy Bu8ckingham II says:

    *singing*- No More Mister Nice Guy, No More Mister Clea-ee-ee-ee-EEAN!

  10. Q-Bert says:

    “…and at that very moment… I knew I was in love.”

  11. Frogy says:

    After 8 1/2 years he finally asks for her hand in marriage

  12. DJBuffyAnn says:

    I almost believed you were a doctor if it wasn’t for the top hat, microphone, accordion player, the forty people in this room and the fact that this is a banquet hall!!

  13. JP says:

    Memory of the month should continue !!  Turn it into a contest and let associates vote on the funniest caption at the end of the month.

  14. JP says:

    Lady- “He calls himself “Dr Love” but he looks more like Mr. Peanut.

  15. Q-Bert says:

    “Listen Lillian, sweetheart, I know you have a thing for doctors with top hats, but Leo’s standing right over there and I need this job. Please just have a seat and let me do my thing. You can see the show just as well from your table. Let’s not make this uncomfortable for both of us-”
    “Yes, but-”
    “We’ll talk later, ok. Just sit.”

  16. Chris says:

    @Q-Bert: LOL!!!!!!!

  17. Sean says:

    Doc: “Okay, says here I’ve got to fix a ruptured spleen in 15 minutes let’s get a move on here…”

    lady: “A spleen oh my, I didn’t know you were a real doctor, are you free for dinner later” 

    Doc: “Hello, Accordian guy… I need an Outro, STAT!”

    Accordian guy: “15 minutes could save you 15 spleens or more”

  18. Jim says:

    “Remember, only Annie’s secret friends can decode Annie’s secret message.  Set your decoder ring to B5…”

  19. Deanna says:

    Call Maps? I don’t get it…?

  20. Crystal J. says:

    Tux Dude: “Alright, and a one, and a two, and….”
    Lady: *croak* Oh, dear, I seem to have a gecko in my throat…
    Accordian guy: *groan*

  21. Crystal J. says:


  22. Mr Natural says:

    Bill W. and his wife Lois at the Astoria Ballroom, June 10th 1933