GEICO commercials: behind-the-scenes footage

By on October 19, 2011 at 3:54 PM

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One of the requests we always get is for more footage from your favorite commercials. With our latest round of commercials, we went beyond the 30-second TV spots you’ll see. There are pictures, outtakes and more new content on

If you haven’t yet seen some of the new “Easier Ways to Save” commercials, here they are:

To see what else happened during these commercials, check out the *bonus features. You’ll find a parent teacher conference, some one-on-one basketball and more!

*No children, fish, robots or major generals were harmed in the making of these commercials — as you’ll see.

6 responses to “GEICO commercials: behind-the-scenes footage

  1. angela aubuchon says:

    I really love geico gecko but u guys should have a girl gecko it would be sooo cute

  2. Crystal J. says:

    The sushi one is just….. WRONG….

    The hamsters are just…. yeeeaahhh…..

    The pig is cute – annoying, but cute…. *WEEEEEWEEEEWEEEEWEEEWEEEE!*

    The slam dunk is funny!

    The roommate reminds me of my college days WAAAAAY too much…

    The animals singing is just disturbing, but funny.

    The robot daycare? PRICELESS!!!!! *ROFL!*

  3. Suzanna says:

    Where is the Geico commercial filmed in Napa Valley?

  4. trancefreak says:

    Please make more of the piggy commercials it puts my 3 year old in laughing frenzy. Hysterical we love them.

  5. darthy says:

    Please DON’T make more of the piggy commercials. The piggy was cute when the “whee whee wheeeee” was actually used in context of “this little piggy”, but now he’s just annoying… and certainly not “everything you love about geico”. The last thing we need is years of terrible piggy commercials after what you did to us with the cavemen.

  6. Lisa Moore says:

    Who’s the genius that designed the Gieco Pig ? I would so appreciate the inside drafting of how he is created . I love these commercials of this pig, his expressions , the life like character , his voice  ,the detail of his teeth , hair ,and dry humor . For those who can’t stand the commercial  you haven’t any appreciation for the writers , and designers who came up with these ideas .I think there funny , darling , and can’t wait to see more of this guy !  Do you have the behind scenes of the crew who gets together and comes up with these ideas . Who came up with the pig ? I think it’s brilliant . Your # one Fan – cant wait to hear from the Producers . Bravo !