Memory of the Month: A place for everything, and …

By on July 28, 2011 at 3:04 PM

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In honor of GEICO’s 75th anniversary, we’re sharing an image from GEICO’s past each month this year and inviting you to exercise your caption-writing skills.

These days, GEICO keeps most of its records electronically, but back in the 1970s, the business was much more paper-intensive. Records were stored in boxes – lots and lots of boxes – in huge warehouses like this one. It took a team of employees to keep track of it all, although this photo suggests that it was one person’s job. What do you suppose the chap with the clipboard was thinking amidst this vast array of boxes?

40 responses to “Memory of the Month: A place for everything, and …

  1. kris says:

    “This is gonna take me forever.”



  3. Rob says:

    OK he’s a cute new mascot, but did we need to order this many geckos?

  4. David Tillman says:

    “There better be paychecks in one of these boxes!”

  5. whitney tolbert says:

    wow im so going to be getting off late

  6. Jodie Atkinson says:

    where did my box cutter go?

  7. LeBron James says:

    I cant wait until we go back on this Jackson 5 tour!!!

  8. Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck says:


  9. JP says:

    2000 boxes of Afro Sheen?  check.

  10. t says:

    “In the event that I go missing, please have Al Green sing at my memorial.”

  11. Philip Brumbles says:

    Maaaan, where do they expect me to put this stuff?!

  12. j says:

    Which box has the live geckos for the promotion?

  13. A.M. says:

    Numbers are starting to bur….hand is cramping….sure do wish there were an easier way to keep track of all this…..

  14. Jim says:

    How come I can’t find the Geico “Robot Daycare” commercial anywhere?? It’s hilarious,

  15. Jim says:

    That “robot daycare” ad is even mentioned in this NYT news article:
    “Among the extreme measures are teaching a 5-year-old to dunk a basketball so that he may eventually land a college scholarship, economizing on sushi by foraging in your fish tank, <b>replacing the human workers at a day care center with robots</b> and avoiding the expense of downloading music by teaching pets to play songs.”

  16. Missharon says:


  17. Cory S says:

    Who’s the man that can count a wharehouse full of boxes like no one can?


  18. Jay W says:


  19. XP1 says:

    “Robot Daycare” is not on YouTube!

  20. XP1 says:


    I meant now*, sorry.
    “Robot Daycare” is not on YouTube!


  21. Hattie Brinsfield says:

    Cold Case #25221—Gotcha!

  22. Disco_King says:

    Now where did I put that Ark of the Covenant that we took from Indiana Jones?

  23. Crystal Jackson says:

    “How in the world do they ever find anything in here?”

  24. Lee says:

    *mutters* Fine time for everyone else to go on break; making me account for all these records by myself. What ’til they get back…

  25. Michelle B says:

    It’s 5:00 somewhere

  26. Stephen W. says:

    According to my records, that policy is in the brown box.

  27. Randi says:

    44 Down: six letter word for ‘underhanded’ 23 Across: 4 letter word for ‘Persia’……….

  28. Widville says:

    I need some suggested word tracks for paperless options. 

  29. smart79 says:

    Dang, some ompa loompas would be great right now!

  30. ivy moore says:

    ” dear mom, i got the job!”  i think it will be a lot of work, but the 401 rocks”

  31. Michelle Corsiglia says:

    Stayin Alive! Stayin Alive! Oh Oh Oh!

  32. Jacquie says:


  33. Helen says:

    Where’s the number for H.R.  That new guy Jimmy disappeared.  I knew he didn’t want to help move all these boxes.  What kind of name is Jimmy Hoffa any way?

  34. Barbara says:

    well, at least I have job security…

  35. Bruce says:

    Where the heck did I put that darn Ark?

  36. Bingo! says:

    The “Double Check” Mindset:  Provide Value. Save Money.
    “#1- Get it done by noon today;
    #2- cancel exercise club membership”

  37. Michelle says:

    Let’s see….765,209, 765,210, 765,211…765,???… Oh crud!

  38. Chris says:

    If only we had disco lights in here….

  39. Roy Buckingham says:

    The man who works the warehouse where Indiana Jones hid the lost ark

  40. Sean says:

    Tightest shirt in the warehouse… Check
    Longest Sideburns… Check
    9000 boxes full of brand spankin’ new Atari’s… Check