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By on December 17, 2010 at 2:42 PM

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I have to admit I really like the new 3-D technology and it’s great that it’s available in homes now.  I saw this story in GEICO Now magazine and thought I would pass it along.

Ever since “Avatar” shattered the box-office records last summer, 3-D entertainment is on everyone’s radar, both at the theater and now at home. But if a new 3-D TV is on your family’s gift list this holiday season, be prepared to shell out big bucks.  Samsung’s high-end model—a 55-inch 3-D LED HDTV—starts at $7,000.  And don’t forget about all the extras.  A pair of Sony’s 3-D glasses, for instance, will set you back another $133. Next, you’ll want a 3-D enabled Blu-ray Disc player.  Panasonic’s DMP-BDT350, for one, costs more than $400.

To ease the pain, you can choose a priced-right bundle for a complete home theater system.  But it also pays to be patient.  In a year or two, you’ll be able to enjoy these toys at a price that won’t have you seeing double.

I may have to wait a year or two to have a 3-D TV of my own.  In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for more movies like Avatar.  Do you have a favorite 3-D movie?

10 responses to “Coming to a screen near you

  1. scot says:

    I heard people can have sizures form watchng these things?  Don’t know if it’s true or not

  2. Kate says:

    @scot, people can have seizures from anything with bright flashing lights. Even regular tv shows. So probably is true.

    And honestly, I’m never going to watch a tv if it requires me to wear goofy glasses. Especially ones that are 100+$?? I mean, really? Why!?

  3. terry says:

    @kate I was thinking the exact same thing!! $100+ for “3D” glasses is just insane!!! My prescription glasees dont even cost that much!!!! LOL

  4. Dave says:

    Panisonic is allready working on 3d-tv’s that won’t require the glasses. Besides, the amount of content that is available in 3d is still pretty limited. It’s not worth the investment yet. Wait another year and finish paying fo the TV you bought last year. :)

  5. Mike Eavey says:

    I enjoyed the 3D experience of Avatar on the big screen in theaters.  I also enjoy my non-3D blu-ray copy on my big screen TV at home.  I don’t plan to purchase a 3D TV until they have worked out all of the bugs and there are bugs in all of them or so I’ve been told by industry professionals.  When a technician who installs expensive home theater systems says he plans to wait a few years because of flaws in the current 3D systems it makes good sense to do so.

  6. Amy says:

    I don’t know that I’d even want to watch everything in 3d 24/7.  Just seeing one 3d movie in the theater has always been enough 3d for me.  It seems to make my eyes hurt/strained after about 2 hours.  I feel the only thing that would be that great in 3d is some sports and specific movies.  They should just stick to that :)

  7. scot says:

    its scary enough watching show in HD with all the wrinkles and flaws let alone watching it in HD 3D  Desprate house wifes will look like the golden girls (haha)

  8. Val says:

    I think that the movie experience is something nice to go to in order to get that occassional break to get out and enjoy with family and friends. I look forward to going to the movies to enjoy the 3D experience. I am one of those people that will never pay for 3D glasses that cost $100.00 and I will never pay for a TV that requires the consumer to buy such things as glasses to view it. I would always be the last person to get this TV. I will only purchase it if my current TV blows up and the 3D TV is my only purchasings option :)

  9. mary says:

    wow , What a price I purchased my husband a 82 inch diamond 3-d tv from the big screen store and two pairs of glasses on 11-28-2010 and it was less than 4000 dollars. and the blue ray 3d players at hhgreg is a lot cheaper also. I picked up two there the same day. My husband went on line and found a third set of nice 3-d glasses also for a little over $100. so do some shopping its not as much as you think. You will enjoy. I had never been able to see 3-d
    untill I got this TV and the picture is wonderful. and the 82 inch diamond is the only one with the surround 16 speaker system built in .So treat yourself. You
    only live once.

  10. Geralynn says:

    I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.