Prepping your car for cold weather

By on December 1, 2010 at 7:55 AM

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Winter driving isn’t my favorite … the days are short, the roads are slippery and it seems like almost every morning you’re greeted by a thick coat of ice on your windshield. Not my idea of pleasant driving conditions. However, there are a few things you can do to ease the winter burden on your car.

  • Get a tune-up. Just to make sure everything is checked out and in working order.
  • Check your battery. Let’s put it this way: you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery. That could make for a cold few hours (unless of course, you have GEICO’s Emergency Road Service!)
  • Check your heater and defroster. If your heater isn’t working, you’ll know. But what about front and rear defrosters?
  • Get to know your brakes. If you have the slightest concern that something’s amiss with your brakes, get them inspected immediately.
  • Have your exhaust system checked. Ask your mechanic to double-check the exhaust system for leaks, which can emit dangerous carbon monoxide into your car.
  • Fill up with window washer fluid. Slush and mud splashed on a windshield can spell danger for a winter driver. Make sure your washer fluid reservoir is sufficiently full, and keep a spare jug in the trunk.
  • Consider new wiper blades. Even if your windshield wiper blades are in good condition, you might want to upgrade to a blade that’s designed to handle the extra weight of snow.
  • Take a look at your tires. Your tires need to have adequate tread with “grip” to propel you through the snow.
  • Fill your fuel tank. One of the best driving tips for winter is to keep your tank more than half full at all times. It will help you avoid freezing in your fuel lines, and will keep you safer in winter weather situations.

So there you have it; stay safe on the roads this winter!


13 responses to “Prepping your car for cold weather

  1. Mike W says:

    Living in San Diego rules!!!!

  2. Susan says:

    Get throw away windshields
    Let someone sleep all night in your car to keep the seats warm.
    Let your dog sit in the car and lick the fog off your windows before you leave.
    Park real close to the house door to avoid the blast of wind and snow.
    Keep your chocolate candy bars in the car over night to intice you to get going down the road.
    Keep used kitty litter outside next to the door in case you get stuck, the lumps give more traction.
    Keep extra gloves in the car in case you forget yours.
    Remember you cell phone and have a car charger.
    Keep a blanket in the car in case you get stuck or just for that person spending the night in your car to warm the seats.

  3. Joe says:

    If expecting a big snow/ice storm put the windshield wipers up, off of the windshield (in the service position) when you park.  This way when you come out in the morning to shovel and scrape they are not frozen to the glass and in your way. 

  4. Patrick Quinn says:

    Get a team of Ninja’s to keep watch over your car at night. Ninja’s can fight off the cold effects…

    or something.

  5. Harrold Tye says:

    I have a standard winterization I do for my car. I put a pair of boots, insulated coverals, work gloves, warm stocking cap and blanket in the trunk. I use washer solution that has antifreeze in it to keep the ws from icing. I keep deicing equipment in the car: spray and scrapers. I have some horror stories about being unprepared that have taught me hard lessons. Even in central Georgia if you never have to use this stuff, it’s best to have it ready.

  6. Alicia says:

    This is why it is a blessing to live in texas, just two days ago it was 76 degrees and Iw as ewaring short sleeves :)

  7. Jim says:

    Don’t forget to check the antifreeze.  After a couple years it could go from being able to protect one’s care to -10, to 50.  A cracked, frozen engine block is an expensive thing to fix

  8. Holly Giuffrida says:


  9. Bianca C. says:

    living in TUCSON ARIZONA ROCKS x 100!!!!!!!! ;-)

  10. Jennifer S says:

    Thanks for all your comments! I’m still quite jealous of all you people who live in warm weather climates! :)

  11. Kraig says:

    I like the idea of ninjas watching my car to protect it from the cold.

  12. TheMaeds says:

    I live in Buffalo so I am used to snow LOLOLOLOLZZZZ. One thing I always do is check and make sure my battery is working properly.

  13. Veaceslav says:

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