The GEICO Caveman has a video blog!

By on August 20, 2010 at 1:45 PM

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Yes, the GEICO Caveman has decided to foray into the world of vlogging.  “I have a lot to say so I thought I would share my insights based on my own personal experience with the world,” he says.  “I’m a social junkie.  I love to talk with people—what better way to initiate more conversation than starting a vlog?”

The Caveman posted several times on his Facebook page and here at GEICO, we decided to help him out by posting his vlog on YouTube as well.  In one of my favorite posts, he talks about his latest find at a yard sale—he is definitely a bit on the quirky side.  Make sure you check out his debut vlog before diving into the others.   The Caveman has very definitive opinions and makes no apologies for expressing them and now we have the opportunity to talk back.  He invites viewers to comment, post and interact as much as possible.  This could get interesting.  Let us know what you think about his latest post.

2 responses to “The GEICO Caveman has a video blog!

  1. Kamalbro says:

    I dont understand it either…..why did he have to get married? He had everything he needed…..what a douche right? Dont worry , he does not deserve your friendship !

  2. ProMag says:

    There can be only one. When the others have fallen away one champion who can go the distance is left. You are not alone – but amoungst the champions. 

       Your friend is not totaly gone. Give him a few years and he could rise again from marrige. Re emerge as a single guy. But without his sacrifice how could we go on? He – like the others – must make that fateful journey. To bond, raise kids, be a good father and help our kind live on. Children need culture and family. Children must know who they are to survive in this world.
       Worthy of love – yes you are. Have you not tasted the many fruits of women? Like a good buffett, you must try many a dish to find the one you can feast on year after year after year.

       Lastly, you are honest. Unlike the bachlor dude on TV who led women on thinking he could commit or know love. One day you will take the plunge to know another life with another.

        Be strong. We are not alone. For there can be only one man left standing.

        Blog on good sir. Blog on.