Bradley strives toward angler of the year

By on August 17, 2010 at 4:00 PM

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For those of you embarking on a fishing boat this summer, here’s a bit of info on GEICO’s sponsored bass angler, Christiana Bradley, from GEICO Direct magazine. 

Reel Pro

When Christiana Bradley, bass angler and GEICO systems engineer, signed up for the company’s annual fishing tournament in 2001, she wasn’t angling for corporate sponsorship, just hoping for a good day of fishing with her fellow employees. There, she happened to chat about her passion with a GEICO executive in attendance, whose enthusiasm for the sport helped support her ambitions for a pro angling career.

“I have the best sponsorship deal of any woman on the professional tour and better than a good majority of male pros,” Bradley says. “If it weren’t for GEICO, I don’t know if I’d be able to get where I want to be — in the championship and aiming for angler of the year.” This year, Bradley will be competing in the Bassmaster Opens and the Weekend Series, contests typically dominated by men. Bradley’s favorite waters for fishing are on the Rappahannock River, not far from the GEICO regional office where she works in Fredericksburg, Va. There, she reeled in an award-winning 5.5-pound largemouth bass, the biggest catch of 2009 on that river.

We wish her all the best in her quest toward the championship. Let us know if you like to fish and what some of your favorite places are!

5 responses to “Bradley strives toward angler of the year

  1. DARRYL THOMAS says:

    I am a saltwater guy by birth but I am starting to fish in freshwater more and more. My favorite place to fish is the rappahannock in my home town of tappanahnnock!!!! It has a huge quantity of croakers, catfish, blue, spot, perch, rockfish and many more!!! The rappanahannock is porbably one of the most diverse water ways to fish because of the differents types of fish that you can catch. If any questions on good spots let me know and i may share some of my spots on the river

  2. Rebecca F says:

    Thanks Darryl!  I’m sure some of our readers would love to hear some of your suggestions.  Christy came in 3rd in the tournament this past weekend too!

  3. FARRON GILPIN says:

    “FISH-ON”…..YOU ROCK CHRISTIANA….I had the same dream , after my wife and i had 2 children i had to put my dream on the back-burner…..Two little girls that could not understand why they could not go with dad when they saw the boat pulling out the the driveway…I fished in the state federation for 7 years where i made to the state championship 3 years in a row my last three years of fishing with the federation….I still keep up my dues and i am still a full member….Just waiting for the right timing again with the family and all….But maybe someday i would count it as an honor to fish against you in a Big Tourn.   I love the article and the sport…..I wish you the very best fishing ever……Thanks

  4. Cavit says:

    Merci Norm. The only thing you need to worry about in the Salmon are sunken trees. If you stay near the midlde of it you won’t hit bottom. This is from the main River to Dundee. It reaches 10 feet in some spots but mostly it’s 5-8 feet deep if I recall. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

  5. Oussama says:

    great video man, really enyojed it. i will be going to a fly fishing trip, and i am looking for a new reel but i can’t decide between tibor and nautilus. what can you recommend me?thanks