Tracy’s ready to roll at Indy

By on May 19, 2010 at 1:25 PM

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Gentlemen, start your engines!

The Indianapolis 500 celebrates its 99th anniversary this Memorial Day weekend. Paul Tracy, driver of the No. 15 GEICO IndyCar is thrilled to be back in the driver’s seat for another run. After recording a 9th place finish for us last year, Paul is ready for the win in 2010. 

Known as one of the most colorful and skilled racecar drivers in the world, he earned the nick name, The Thrill from West Hill, as he is from The West Hill area of Toronto.  The more I get to know him, the more I appreciate how driven he is.  Through working with Paul, I have been fortunate to see a side of him that most may not see — the humorous and kind-hearted guy with a passion for his sport. I am looking forward to seeing him race at the greatest spectacle in racing.

 You can follow Paul and GEICO Racing during the events leading up to the Indy 500 on Twitter. also has some great interactive info on Paul and the GEICO IndyCar. Do you have a favorite driver for the upcoming Indy 500? We’d love to hear who you’re pulling for.

3 responses to “Tracy’s ready to roll at Indy

  1. Drew says:

    I guess he is ready to roll…………right back down the highway to his hometown to watch the Indy 500 on TV.  Considering he couldn’t even qualify to run in the Indy 500!

  2. Smart79 says:


  3. Dany says:

    We’re wondering if annyoe out there as taken young kids to the race and could describe their experience whether good or bad. My wife won free tickets to the race. The seats are in the paddock near the start/finish line. We have twin 7 year old girls. Were wondering if our girls would be able to enjoy the race. We’ve never been to the race, but have been to pole day and qualifications each year with the girls, but we think that’s a much different environment as we can walk around to different areas of the track and infield without staying in in seats for an extended amount of time. We’d appreciate any comments.