Did you see that GEICO commercial where …?

By on March 29, 2010 at 7:23 AM

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Guest Blogger: Marta C., event coordinator in Lakeland, FL

Everyone has an opinion about GEICO’s advertising and believe me, they aren’t shy about sharing. It makes me smile to hear strangers discussing GEICO commercials when they don’t know I work for the company. Although insurance may not be the most exciting topic, GEICO has made it fun and I like that.

I have the opportunity to talk with consumers face to face at events like festivals and concerts, and the comments I hear vary widely on this subject. Would you believe I’ve even witnessed arguments about which GEICO commercial is the best? People can’t get enough. In fact, some have proudly shown me tattoos that testify in an enduring way to a person’s love for their favorite GEICO character. Now that’s extreme dedication!

When I think about it, we do have a lot of options to choose from: the Gecko (I don’t even know if he’s from Australia or England), The Caveman, “Kash” with the googly eyes (I always feel like he’s watching me), and an assortment of celebrities who’ve appeared in our ads over the years. Plus, we have the talking pothole and an old-school favorite, the squirrels in the road. Hey, even I struggle with choosing a preference.

The bottom line though is, love it or hate it, you remember it! And that’s what advertising is all about. Do you have a favorite GEICO ad?

84 responses to “Did you see that GEICO commercial where …?

  1. connie says:

    Is there any way you can give us back the old gekko? I really don’t like the current one and no one I know likes him either. He’s too into himself and very irritating. When the commercials come on, we make fun of him or turn the channel. I miss the old gekko.

  2. Rebecca F says:

    Hi Connie, I’m so sorry you have not taken to our gecko makeover. It’s great to get feedback from people and I will make sure to mention this to the appropriate people. In any case, I hope you continue to visit us here for more news on GEICO.

  3. Shirley says:

    I personally like the ‘pothole’ commercial. It makes me smile.
    I think we should make an on going commercial with the cavemen trying to catch the gecko, something similar to the roadrunner and Wylie T. Coyote. It seems like a gimme, since cavemen would naturally hunt things like lizards. Of course they would never catch him because (as everyone knows) the gecko is too smart.

  4. emt training says:

    found your site on del.icio.us today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  5. Jacquelyn coleman says:

    Dear Geico, I am really happy to get to talk to you.I love the gecko .but I would like to know when did he get the accent? The very 1st one didn’t seem to have one.I found one of your booths at a car show and they had free gecko for tossing into a basket needless to say I won one and has been with me ever since in my top coat pocket or in my car he  is so sweet to look upon.I would love to send you a photo.     Thanks Jacquelyn Coleman

  6. Mark says:

    Still my current cell tone

  7. Charlotte Tigner says:

    My husband and I would like to know the name behind the voice in your “I’m just a pothole” commercial.  We absolutely LOVE that commercial and are constantly trying to mimic the voice. 

  8. Rebecca F says:

    Thanks for the comment, Charlotte.  The Pothole voice (aka Dayci Brookshire) is definitely a treat.  Make sure you check out her Facebook page!

  9. Micah Bessler says:

    I have always enjoyed watching your commercials with the gecko as well as the caveman commercials. I had recently suggested making a commercial with the two of them together. The iPhone app came close to that suggestion. However, I was thinking more along the lines of the two of them live in the same commercial. My friends and I would really like to see that.

    Also, am I right in thinking that the gecko is the species ‘Giant Day Gecko’ from Madagascar?

  10. bill says:

    Does anybody know what those deadliest catch guys get paid to do the Geico commercials?

  11. Rich DePaola says:

    Who is the elderly actor and plays the boss in  the commericals ( The ringtone commerical)

  12. Bill says:

    I can’t understand what the Geico gecko says at the end of the commercial after he gets sucked up into the vaccuum tube.  Just curious.

  13. Greg M says:

    Bill, the Gecko says, “I still have nightmares,” at the end of the mailroom commercial.

  14. Greg M says:

    Rich, the actor who plays The Boss in the ringtone commercial (and several others) is Brian Carney. If you’re as old as I am, you’ll remember his dad, Art Carney, from “The Honeymooners.”

  15. curious says:

    Where is the Gecko from? Actually….

  16. Rick says:

    I wish there would be one with the premise of “Is the hokie pokie really what it’s all about”? I think that would be hysterical

  17. Brian says:

    I drive all day for a living and heard a newer commercial on our local station, and thought my wife would love it!  Problem is it’s now several days later, and I brought it up in conversation but can’t remember the content of the ad.  I’ve been looking all over the internet but can’t find a link to your radio commercials.  Can you help me?

  18. Pamala says:

    We love Max the Piggy! I never get tired of this commercial, and all of us have it as ringtones. Even love the parodies that are creeping up on YouTube. He really does look realistic for a piglet, California-dude style. “Thanks Mrs. A…” But when he has his head out the window, we see pure joy…something that is hard to find in these tough times. My dogs, and Max, are my role models for capturing the zest for life!

  19. Dolores simmons says:

    Frankly, I have not liked any of your commericals since your actors have had to turn so angry, for example the doctor screaming at his patient,the angry caveman and a geiko with a british accent.. What was wrong with him without the accent/I thought you are an American company. I know Warren Buffet is rich and smart,but his approval of these commericals are not so smart. I think the commericals turn people off.

  20. Dennis Gately says:

    Been a customer for quite awhile , Love the commercials . Brian Carney?.. Good pick for the Boss.. Keep them coming.

  21. Cheyenne Weaver says:

    I have to say that I find nothing more annoying than these commercials. They’re not witty, not funny, often times they don’t really even make sense, and they permeate the airwaves.
    I wish that Geico would dump whatever advertising agency does these third-rate commercials.

  22. Mountain Gal says:

    I have to say that I get a good belly laugh every time at the new gecko mating call commercial. Most of the gecko commercials don’t seem to have much to do with insurance and although some folks won’t like any of them at all (many are downright goofy), the commercials are certainly memorable and I believe that is what makes for good advertising. If we were ever inclined to leave our current insurer (USAA), I’d remember the mating call no matter how many new commercials follow.

  23. george warren says:

    who is the guy trying to sound like that ask does a woodchuck chuck wood

  24. terri says:

    love the wood chuckers!!!   the man reminds me of my dad !!!  lol

  25. Brian says:

    Is the Geico gecko mating call available as a downloadable ring-tone? That, and the “ringtone” commercial remain my favourites.

  26. blackrose says:

    did you see the one about a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
    i think its so ridiculous its insulting
    and additionally why does it have to be a retarded looking black woman acting all foolish i think its embarrissing rude and obnoxiuous and particularly insulting to black people  

  27. Chris says:

    I wish mating call was on here, saw it the other day for the first time. Very funny! And the little guy plays great against the boss.

  28. Alien says:

    Shubidooo, shubidooo… Absolutely hillarious!… Bravo!
    Can’t find it anywhere, at least Google and Youtube don’t find it and it’s not on the Geico site…
    Let it loose – let it virall!!…

  29. Julie says:

    who is the guy that always is like: does geico really save 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?
    my brother just thinks he’s hilarious!!!! he does such a good imitation of him too! you guys make hilarious commercials!!!

  30. Thomas Guzman says:

    I love the drill sergeant commercial. Who is the actor lying down on the couch? 
    Is that Harlan Williams?

  31. K.C says:

    Wow!  People love them or hate them, no one seems too warm.  I love the drill sergeant/therapist one, too!!! So hilarious.  I love all of the characters, but I do think that GEICO should make some commercials that are more sincere and explain the importance of what makes GEICO different other than price.  Show what GEICO does for the community or how we respond to a catastrophe like Katrina.

  32. rick says:

    “The Gecko”nis the best thing on t.v. and i wish he made one minut commercials. Long live the gecko!!!

  33. Cassandra says:

    How can you NOT love the gecko?  There hasn’t BEEN one commercial I didn’t like.  The piggy, tho….hilarious!  No matter what I’m doing, even though I’ve seen them time and time again, I stop and watch [like there’s gonna be something new…] and laugh all over again!!  Too, too funny!  And the accent is too cute.  But the cavemen?  Nah.  Not so much.  Not even a little bit, really.  Am I able to get ‘that’ ringtone for my cell?  That would be just so great!!  AND I’m a customer, as well.  Years now.; almost 10.  Thanks so much for the grins.  Keep it up!!

  34. sam spade says:

    Hey, marta, you miss the point-I’m forced to either watch a stupid commercial or change the channel-the gecko commercials are stupid because the guy who plays counterpoint, has a huge corner office which is usually earned by someone with intelligence, but this guy comes off as an imbecile with a double digit IQ who can’t even tie his own shoelaces. The janitor could do a better job than this idiot.

  35. weezy f baby says:

    you know what makes me sad
    you do
    mybe we should chug on over to mambe pambe land
    wheremaybe we can find some self confidence for you ya jackwaggo

    cry baby

  36. Julie says:

    What happened to the section of the Geico commercial where the lady storms in and is angry at the Gekko about their one night stand and thinks he’s “Charlie” or something similar, and if you look for a split second you see another Gekko peeking up over a chair like he’s hiding-and then the Geico Gekko turns around and the blonde lady realizes she has the wrong Gekko and turns around?  We noticed they have cut out the peeking Gekko!  I know most people may not have caught it as it is split second.

  37. Chase says:

    hey geico team, love the commercials, they always make me laugh even though ive seen them a million times. im trying to settle a bet with my dad though and i cant seem to find the name of the actor playing the patient in the sarge commercial. who is it?

  38. rando says:

    ive gotta know, who is the awkward guy in the tango commercial, hilarious

  39. Rodger E Peterson says:

    Who is the guy that always is like: does geico really save 15% or more on car insurance? did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?      Keep up the good work

  40. JannaR says:

    Hey all! I hope someone knows…who is the guy who lives under the rock?? I swear I’ve seen him somewhere before, but can’t remember where!

  41. Tom H. says:

    The guy under the rock I swear he sounds just like Chumly from Pawn Stars

  42. Randy McCullough says:

    The actor “under the rock” has to be Denny Miller.  He has been on hundreds of episodes of TV shows from Northwest Passage to Gilligan’s Island to the Brady Bunch.  He played the first Blond Tarzan and for years was the Gorton Fisherman.  I could be wrong but I dont think so.

  43. Chazz says:

    Who is the guy playing the talk show radio host. the one asking about the color of the car and suggesting blue. I have seen him before but can not place who he is. Does anyone know? Anyway I love the commercial. The guy seems clueless and it’s funny. It makes the commercial memorable and just plain fun.. One of your bets commercials ever.

  44. David says:

    I love Brian Carney, who plays the Gecko’s boss.  I hope you continue to feature him in your commercials.  His comedic timing and expressions are fabulous.  Thanks, David

  45. jess says:

    With so much money why can they not create witty, or at least entertaining, commercials? Every time I’m forced to watch these horrible commercials i wonder why they are so inept at figuring out what the public enjoys. The gecko sucks, the cavemen sucked, and the new commercials are a feeble attempt at transitioning to an All-state commercial where they obviously fail. So please, find a new direction because they disgrace the nature of commercialism and I hate having to watch them.

  46. Dan says:

    I can’t stand the new radio commercial where the squeeky man asks ” did you go to car insurance school or something?”. When he says “something”, all high-pitched, it is like nails on a chalkboard.  Please stop airing it.

  47. MichelleM says:


    The guy under the rock I swear he sounds just like Chumly from Pawn Stars

    OMG me too!! He even says “Hey Rick…” I am so glad I am not the only one to think this, lol.

  48. Marty says:

    The ‘guy’ under a rock commercial makes no sense. He’s supposed to be asking obvious ‘yes’ answered questions, right?
    Well, I wouldn’t live under a rock.

    “Could switching to geico really save you 15%? (yes) Would you live under a rock?”

    No. I wouldn’t live under a rock. See what I mean?

  49. Mary says:

    I believe the guy under the rock on the Geico commercial is Clay Wilcox.

  50. John says:

    Geico had a good series of commercials going , especially the ones with the gecko. Now they’ve gone and ruined their stature with the “Could switching to Geico really save you 15%?” series of inane, insipid ads. I, for one, hit the mute button immediately. They’re really irritating.